The Noreen Reale Falcone Library is now a member of the ConnectNY (CNY) Shared Print Trust.  Since 2005 members of CNY have shared their print book collections with one another through an efficient, highly popular, patron-initiated borrowing and delivery system. As these 18 libraries in CNY face both pressing space needs and economic pressures, they seek new options for sharing the costs and effort of long-term retention of low use library materials.

The overall purpose of this shared program is to build a strong consortial print trust that is housed across the CNY libraries. This will leverage our resources, enhance our shared collection and relieve library shelf space pressures in all member libraries.  Planning meetings of the Trust began in October 2012 and a timeline, which will be shared in advance with academic departments & programs, is forthcoming.  The project is expected to evolve over a number of years, but data from a study on overlap and circulation are forthcoming in February.

Membership in the Trust will allow member libraries to:

  • Identify both the strengths and weaknesses in the CNY collection
  • Identify collection redundancy and manage a drawdown of surplus copies
  • Share preservation and archiving responsibilities for unique items

Significant objectives of this program include:

  • To assure that at least one copy of all titles currently held by participating libraries remains securely archived and available to CNY users.
  • To assure that the maximum number of unique titles remain available to users
  • To free space now occupied by low-use surplus copies for collection growth and study spaces
  • To avoid additional building costs

Please feel free to contact Bob Johnston, Director of the Library, if you have questions or concerns about this initiative (johnstrc@lemoyne.edu or 445.4321).

Read more about print archiving by libraries by Sam Demas & Wendy Lougee in Library Issues.

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