EDIT 2013-09-30: JSTOR appears to have changed how PDF files are handled in Firefox to resolve the display problem described below. While other browsers, such as Chrome or Internet Explorer, still allow you to preview the PDF in the browser, preview mode in Firefox has been disabled and you will be prompted to download the file instead.



A problem was reported to the Library and to campus IT in how Firefox downloads and displays PDF-formatted articles from JSTOR.org.

Most computers on campus are now installed with Firefox 23. This version of Firefox, by default, is set to "Preview in Firefox" for all PDF files. For most journals and databases, the PDF preview functionality in Firefox has not caused any problems. However, there's something different in how JSTOR PDFs are formatted that disrupts the preview mode in Firefox, causing them to hang before the download and display is complete.

To get around this problem, you can simply use a different browser with JSTOR.org articles; both Internet Explorer and Google Chrome download JSTOR PDFs without issue.

If you prefer to use Firefox, you can force the PDF to download from the preview window by right-clicking the PDF image and selecting "Save Page As..." from the contextual menu.

Alternatively in Firefox, instead of clicking the "Article PDF" link (left mouse click), right click the link and select "Save Link As..." from the contextual menu. Because the Firefox PDF previewer never handles the file, it won't be corrupted when you download it.

For more information, contact Tom Keays <keaysht@lemoyne.edu> 445-4322.

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