Academic Excellence Team

Vigorously Pursue Academic Excellence Across All Programs

In the spirit of the magis, Le Moyne will establish itself as a premier Jesuit college distinguished by academic excellence across all undergraduate and graduate programs. The College seeks to build each student’s capacity for rigorous intellectual inquiry and thoughtful and creative engagement with the complex challenges of the 21st century.

Enhance Le Moyne’s academic distinction.

A. Revitalize the Core Curriculum, creating first-year seminars, senior capstone courses and other innovative and distinctive forms of interdisciplinary learning that promote depth of thought, creativity and imagination.
B. Revitalize the Integral Honors Program in order to attract, nurture and retain academically exceptional students with the potential for graduate study.
C. Seek membership in premier academic honor societies.
D. Support student research through a more visible and well endowed program of sponsorship and through expanded and supported faculty mentoring.
E. Reorganize the College’s academic infrastructure to include a College of Arts and Sciences, housing the new Core Curriculum and renewed Integral Honors Program; a School of Management; and a School of Graduate Studies, Health Sciences, and Education (pending further study), so that all academic programs better serve students and faculty and improve capacity to pursue emerging strategic opportunities in undergraduate and graduate programs.

Integrate experiential education with intellectual inquiry, reflecting the values and mission of the holistic Jesuit educational tradition.

TACTICS Establish a Center for Creativity and Innovation, in close collaboration between Academic Affairs and Student Development, so that students experience what Jesuit Superior General Adolfo Nicolás, S.J., has called “a depth of engagement with reality that transforms them at their deepest core.” Blend student academic support services; collaborative learning; academic and social interaction; and artistic, entrepreneurial and intellectual creativity and innovation in a technology-rich environment, integrating:
A. Service learning, with emphasis on best practices for promoting academic excellence and interdisciplinarity through full- and mini-term courses, modules within term courses and community-based research.
B. A writing center, directed by a specialist in critical writing across the curriculum who also directs the First Year Critical Writing Program and supports writing-intensive courses in the new Core.
C. A quantitative literacy center supporting the new Core.
D. An internships office to coordinate academically based internships, including offering stipends to students who pursue unpaid, academically rigorous internships.
E. Enhanced support for study abroad and other international experiences for all students and campus community members, and for innovative collaborations with other Jesuit universities and apostolic works, as well as with potential educational partners around the globe.

Develop a collaborative campus culture centered on the integration of knowledge and the Catholic intellectual tradition’s complementarity of faith and reason.

A. Launch the McDevitt Center, with its distinguished chairs and fellows, to guide and support interdisciplinary scholarship and teaching throughout the College.
B. Promote structured interdisciplinary exchanges that raise questions of ultimate value and meaning and motivate inquiry across disciplines.
C. Develop and implement signature programs promoting interdisciplinary inquiry and integration of knowledge to attract positive regional and national attention.
D. Sponsor faculty seminars that promote innovative courses and research.
E. Foster interdisciplinary faculty scholarship, teaching and service around a campus-wide theme such as sustainability.

Continue to attract and cultivate an accomplished faculty passionate about teaching, scholarship and service.

A. Support faculty members in new Core-related course development through honoraria, pedagogical innovation workshops, seminars for those working on related syllabi, appropriate technologies, and other means, utilizing both the Center for Creativity and Innovation and the McDevitt Center.
B. Establish appropriate faculty staffing levels in Core classes.
C. Support pre-tenure faculty members in their research and scholarship, thereby raising expectations for tenure.
D. Establish a faculty common hour to better enable intellectual exchange and collegial interaction.