Diversity & Engagement

Promote Greater Diversity within the Le Moyne Community and Increased Engagement between the College and Other Communities Regionally, Nationally and Internationally

Inspired by St. Ignatius of Loyola’s capacity to find God in all things, Le Moyne seeks to build a respectful, welcoming campus culture that celebrates difference and models inclusion. Uniqueness is expressed through gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, age, physical and mental attributes, and religious and political beliefs. A Catholic, Jesuit college has a particular responsibility to provide an environment for the safe and nurturing exploration of difference, while also offering rich, ample opportunities for students to pursue the Jesuit ideal of “education in dialogue with the world.”

Continue to strengthen the focus on the multicultural and diversity aspects of recruitment and retention of faculty, administrators, staff and students. Create an environment of inclusion so that each person is welcome, will persist and will flourish.


A. Institutionalize and standardize search processes to include a wide array of diverse sources.
B. Establish recruiting and hiring targets for diversity that are annually reviewed by senior leadership.
C. Continue to increase the mix of diversity (including international and other under-represented populations) among Le Moyne students. Senior leadership and the Board of Trustees will continue to review enrollment targets for diversity annually.
D. Revise EEO policy and rename it, “Diversity and Inclusion.” Fully integrate the Diversity and Inclusion policy across the campus.
E. Continue to improve and increase physical access to campus environments.

Develop comprehensive assessment, awareness, training and programming in cultural competencies in order to foster the understanding: “I need your difference.”

A. Develop learning outcomes for cultural competency related to diversity, including definitions such as emotional intelligence, listening, empathy, multicultural etiquette and respect.
B. Implement a Le Moyne Diversity and Inclusion module as part of overall orientation for students, student employees, resident advisors and employees. This module will review definitions of diversity, the College’s Diversity and Inclusion Policy, process for airing concerns and development of multicultural competencies.
C. Implement Diversity and Inclusion training across the campus for all students and employees. These will be live programs that will explain the meaning and impact of Diversity and Inclusion, reinforce the strong commitment of the College to Diversity and Inclusion, and give attendees practice in multicultural competencies.
D. Once training and orientation are launched, continue established orientation programs for all new students and employees and continue to offer programming for current students and employees.

Expand Diversity and Inclusion concepts and practices across all campus activities and events.


A. Highlight Diversity and Inclusion through service learning, study abroad opportunities, service immersion experiences and academic programming, emphasizing diversity as a core competency for life and work in a globalized world.
B. Collaborate with Mission and Identity, Human Resources, Student Development and other departments and divisions to ensure that students are exposed to effective Diversity and Inclusion practices across residential and dining experiences, arts and athletics, etc.

Develop a campus-wide approach to Diversity and Inclusion.


A. Appoint a point person(s) for Diversity and Inclusion initiatives, to coordinate efforts between Academic Affairs and Student Development and other departments and divisions across campus.
B. Continue to provide programming related to Diversity and Inclusion across campus and oriented toward the public.
C. Create a coordinated approach to promote, publicize and celebrate diversity on campus and in the community.
D. Proactively seek ways, as a College and as a community, to support diverse students and employees.

Increase alliances and partnerships, both locally and globally.

A. Create a centralized Web site to coordinate and categorize information on all of Le Moyne’s community partners and projects (local, international, research, service, grants, etc.), with links to the Le Moyne College Magazine, The Dolphin, Echo, etc. Seek multiple means to promote awareness about Le Moyne’s achievements in this regard, in connection with priority number six.
B. Prioritize strategic projects and relationships with the external community (e.g., L.I.F.T.), and in service to local, regional, national and international partners.
C. Set and monitor goals to increase the number of international students on campus as well as participation rates in study abroad programs, while deepening our already established global relationships with partnering institutions of higher education. Investigate faculty exchange programs.
D. Take a leadership role in solving key issues in the community: host community fora (on campus and in the community in cooperation with civic leaders) on critical topics, engage faculty expertise and contribute to demonstrable change.