Mission & Identity Team

Fully And Energetically Express The College’s Catholic And Jesuit
Mission, Identity And Character

Le Moyne College provides students with an exceptional liberal arts education, inspired and enriched by the Catholic intellectual, social and spiritual traditions, and distinguished by the rigorous pursuit of meaning and truth characteristic of 470 years of Jesuit education. To strengthen the distinct ethos and quality of Jesuit education at Le Moyne, the College will expand and coordinate programs for Ignatian formation and spiritual growth.


Strengthen the understanding of and appreciation for the Catholic, Jesuit identity and mission of Le Moyne.

Education/Formation for Mission: Enhance educational outreach across campus and encourage active dialogue and collaboration in the College’s mission, while respecting the Le Moyne community’s diversity.

Hire and Orient for Mission:
A. “Hire for mission” across departments, divisions and professional roles.
B. Orient all new community members to our Catholic, Jesuit heritage and mission (employees, students and
board members).
C. Develop with Student Development and Academic Affairs a comprehensive mission-informed orientation
program for first-year-students, transfer students and graduate students.

Nurture Mission Understanding and Collaboration through Formation Opportunities:
A. Create professional development and other opportunities for all community members to reflect on their roles as active participants in Le Moyne’s mission.
B. Enlist those with experience in mission formation or pedagogy (e.g., the Ignatian Colleagues Program, the 19th Annotation retreat, Collegium, etc.) to offer professional development, workshops and spiritual retreats. Continue participation in Ignatian leadership formation, including the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities Seminar on Higher Education Leadership, the Jesuit Association of Student Personnel Administrators and the Magis retreat.

Encourage Community-wide Dialogue Centered on the Catholic and Jesuit Mission:
A. Engage the Le Moyne community in reflection on the distinguishing characteristics of the Catholic intellectual, social teaching and spiritual traditions and on how Le Moyne College, as a Catholic institution of higher education, is in a distinct relationship with the Church in its service to society.
B. Offer innovative annual programming in collaboration with the Sanzone Center for Catholic Studies and Theological Reflection, the Jesuit Community, and other offices in order to spread awareness about the contributions of the Catholic intellectual, social teaching and spiritual traditions on campus and in the region. Work with ecumenical and inter-religious communities in the Syracuse region to advance appreciative understanding of other religious traditions and a transformative social justice.

Through Mission and Identity related programming, contribute to the realization of the OneLeMoyne Vision – to become a premier Jesuit college distinguished by three characteristics: Ignatian discernment, leadership and transformative social justice.

A. Discernment: Take clear, measurable steps to ensure that the principle and faith-based decision making process known as “Ignatian discernment,” characteristic of the Jesuit way of proceeding, is a thematic and programmatic focus that differentiates Le Moyne from other liberal arts colleges, beginning with vocation/career choices and development for our professional community.
B. Leadership: Provide uniquely Ignatian-based leadership development for students and employees, emphasizing discernment, creativity, deep ethical concern and an orientation toward the service of others.
C. Transformative Social Justice: Strengthen and deepen the twin Jesuit ideals of service for and with others and education in solidarity with the poor, through our educational practices, service and community relations.

Coordinate and integrate the planning, delivery and assessment of mission-related programs (formation, pastoral, service) in order to demonstrably improve their scope, quality and effectiveness.

A. Strategic and Coordinated Approach to Mission and Identity: Change the position of Special Assistant to the President for Mission and Identity to “Director of Mission and Identity” to facilitate and support Ignatian formation, programming and outreach. Support the Office of Mission and Identity in developing a roundtable strategic leadership model to integrate the mission-related efforts of Campus Ministry, the Sanzone Center for Catholic Studies and Theological Reflection, Peace and Global Studies, Community Service/Outreach, Student Development and Residence Life, Alumni Relations, Finance and Administration, and the Jesuit Community.