OneLeMoyne Strategic Plan - Fall 2011

Greetings and peace!

During 2010, nearly ninety members of our Le Moyne professional community worked to elaborate the six priorities of the OneLeMoyne Vision (see below for the full text of the Vision statement). After extensive research and review, we have crafted a set of strategies designed to help Le Moyne achieve its vision: “a premier Jesuit college where diverse talents meet to foster academic excellence, integrity, and a commitment to justice." The result is the OneLeMoyne Strategic Plan, which was endorsed by the Le Moyne College Board of Trustees in February 2011 and which is now available to review.


Fr. David McCallum, S.J.
Special Assistant to the President for Strategic Development & Leadership


The OneLeMoyne Strategic Priorities

In support of its mission and the OneLeMoyne vision, Le Moyne College is committed to the following strategic priorities (click on any item to read the team's strategic recommendations):

  1. Fully and energetically express the College’s Catholic and Jesuit mission, identity, and character;
  2. Vigorously pursue academic excellence across all programs;
  3. Create organizational excellence in resource stewardship and professional practices throughout the College;
  4. Maintain an intellectually, socially, and spiritually vibrant College community;
  5. Promote greater diversity within the Le Moyne community and increased engagement between the College and other communities regionally, nationally, and internationally;
  6. Achieve a national reputation for excellence in Jesuit education




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