Five-Year English & Education B.A. / M.S.T. Program

The Five-Year English & Education B.A./M.S.T. Programs

The English and Education Departments at Le Moyne College have partnered to offer two specially designed programs leading to a Bachelor of Arts in English, a Master of Science in Teaching (M.S.T), and Initial New York State teacher certification in five years of full-time study (ten semesters plus two summers in the final year). Graduates of these programs will be awarded their Professional NYS teacher certification after two years of full-time teaching.

These programs have several advantages: they offer students the richest possible undergraduate English major curriculum; they more easily accommodate students who wish to earn an Integral Honors or a departmental honors degree, earn a minor, or pursue study abroad opportunities; and they are less expensive and more efficient than completing separate bachelor and master degree programs, in part because students complete three graduate-level education courses in their eighth semester of undergraduate study at the undergraduate tuition rate.


B.A. in English and M.S.T. in Adolescent Education:


Undergraduate Core Requirement Hours

 Includes EDU 105 (see below under Education Courses) (42 credits)

Undergraduate Major Requirements

ENG 250 Introduction to Poetry (3 credits)                                       

ENG 318 Shakespeare (3 credits)                                             

ENG 305 and 306 English Literature (6 credits)                            

ENG 350 and 351 American Literature (6 credits)                       

Five English electives: one course in four of five historical periods (ancient/medieval; Renaissance; long 18th-century; 19th century; 20th/21st century) plus one additional ENG course that qualifies for any one of the five historical periods, as indicated in each semester’s course schedule. (15 credits)

World / multicultural literature elective (One of the following: ENG 323: Contemporary World Literature; ENG 337: Readings in Globalization; ENG 340: Post-Colonial Literature and Theory; ENG 382: African American Literature; ENG 383: American Ethnic Literature) (3 credits)

Media Literacy elective (see under Requirements for B.A. in English and Initial Teacher Certification Tracks) (3 credits)

 Advance Writing Course (see under Requirements for B.A. in English and Initial Teacher Certification Tracks) (3 credits)

 ENG 301 Advanced Grammar and Usage (3 credits)   

Major Support

 Foreign Language (9 credits in one language. If, however, after a minimum of six hours of language at the College level a student has completed or advanced beyond the mid-intermediate level [103], he or she may substitute an English elective for the remaining three hours.)

Additional Undergraduate Courses

College-level Mathematics Course (3 credits)                                                                                    

Three Undergraduate Free Electives (9 credits)                                                                                           

Education Courses

EDU 105: Teaching in a Diverse Society (counts toward Core requirements [see above]; not included in credit-count here)

EDU 215: Learning in a Sociocultural Context (3 credits)

EDG 515: Introduction to the Special Education Perspective  (3 credits)

EDG 520: Child Abuse Prevention and Reporting and Violence Prevention (3 credits)

EDG 530: Multicultural Literacy Methods for Secondary Education    (3 credits)

EDG 545: Planning, Assessing and Managing Inclusive Classrooms (3 credits)

EDG 550: Teaching and Adapting Curriculum for Content Specialists   (3 credits)

EDG 560: Literacy Development Across the Curriculum   (3 credits)

EDG 570: Adolescence Strategies and Technology (3 credits)

EDG 580: Pedagogical Content Knowledge (3 credits)

EDG 654: Supervised Preservice Teaching, Grades 7–9 (6 credits)

EDG 656: Supervised Preservice Teaching, Grades 10–12 (6 credits) 

Four Graduate English Education Electives (12 credits)


B.A. in English and M.S.T. in Dual Adolescent and Special Education:

The course and other requirements for this program are identical to those for the B.A. & M.S.T. in Adolescent Education program with the following exceptions:

1. In the first summer of study, students take EDG 525 in addition to EDG 550 and EDG 560.

2. In spring semester of the fifth year, students complete their preservice teaching requirement by taking EDG 520, EDG 657 and either EDG 654 or EDG 656.

3. In the second summer of study, students take two English education electives (six credits) rather than three (nine credits).

Graduates of this program have the added advantage of being triply marketable: (1) for regular secondary English teaching positions; (2) for secondary special education positions; and (3) for joint English/special education positions.

Admission and Additional Program Requirements                                              

Students who plan to pursue this five-year program of study will ordinarily be required to complete EDU 105 within their first three semesters at Le Moyne College; EDU 215 within their first four semesters; and the following ENG courses within their first five semesters: ENG 218, 250, 301, 318, and 2 of the 4 required survey courses (ENG 305, 306, 350, 351).

In their sixth semester, students who meet the above admissions requirements and have earned a 3.0 cumulative GPA in the English major or better may apply for admission to the Master of Science in Teaching Program. Application instructions, the application form, and faculty recommendation form are available for downloading here.

After the seventh semester, all but 6 undergraduate-level credits must be completed of the undergraduate English major and Core requirements. In the eighth semester, the remaining 6 undergraduate-level course credits as well as the following three graduate-level courses for undergraduate free-elective credit must be taken: EDG 515, EDG 530, EDG 545.  

In the first summer of study, between Semesters 8 & 9, students must take EDG 550 and EDG 560, plus EDG 525 if enrolled in the Dual Adolescent and Special Education program. In the fall term (Semester 9), students must take EDG 570, EDG 580, and one graduate English elective.

Spring term (semester 11) is reserved for preservice teaching.

A typical, semester-by-semester program of study for the two programs may be seen here.

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