Office of the Registrar

How can the Registrar's Office assist you?

The Registrar's Office offers a number of services specifically for faculty.  If you need any clarification or experience difficulties using WebAdvisor or Echo, the Registrar's Office staff will be more than happy to help you through the process.  If you need to meet with someone after business hours, please contact the office to set up an appointment.

Important Registration Information for Advisors

           Clearing Advisees for Registration               Roster Verification
           Inputting Grades                                      Advisees - Program Evaluation

           Cancelling a Class                                                  Grades
           Changing a Classroom                               Incomplete Grades
           Classroom Supplies                                   Requesting a Classroom
           FERPA                                                     Roster Check
           Forms                                                       View Your Class Roster

Classroom Supplies

The Registrar's Office has many supplies you may need during your time here at Le Moyne, including: grade books, teaching supplies, testing supplies, and pencils for exams.  Please note that classroom services should have markers, erasers, and chalk available in the classroom; however we have these items as well.

View Your Class Roster

Rosters are available via our web interface, WebAdvisor, with our student database; webadvisor.lemoyne.edu.  It is the most accurate, up-to-date listing of students in your class.  In addition, ECHO, our web portal, has a course roster link available.  This site lists the students, has pictures of the students, and gives you the capability of downloading the class to an excel spreadsheet; echo.lemoyne.edu. 

Incomplete Grades

If you agree to give a student a grade of  incomplete ("I"), please note that an undergraduate student has 30 days and a graduate has 60 days in which to complete an incomplete.  If circumstances warrant additional time, we do have extension forms that you, as the instructor, must fill out.  The Associate Registrar will send you an email reminding you when incomplete grades are due.


Grades are processed through WebAdvisor at both mid-term and finals time.  We will send you a message approximately one week before grades are due, giving you instructions on web grading.  It is important to follow the deadlines for grading because what you do impacts other offices.  Please note: in the Fall, actual grades are given to Freshman for all their courses at mid-term time.  Mid-term grades are not final and will not show on a transcript.  It is an opportunity to let students know how they are doing in your class.  Upperclassmen should receive a grade of DEF at mid-term time if they are in danger of failing your class.  Please remember, if a student is on your roster at finals time, he/she must receive a grade.

Roster Check

After the add/drop deadline, you will receive an email from the Registrar's Office, with instructions on how to verify your roster via an electronic process in ECHO.  We complete a roster check to comply with federal law, to correct registration issues, and as a retention tool.  Students receive automatic emails based on information you submit during this process and the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs follows up with students who are reported as not attending two or more classes.

Cancelling a Class

If you have to cancel a class, you should call the Registrar's Office at 445-4456; provide your name, the course name and number, and that date to be cancelled.  We will post a note on our website, on our facebook page, and on the bulletin board outside our office.  It will also be added to the class cancellation hotline (315) 445-4780.  If you need a note to be put in a classroom, contact your faculty secretary to do so.  In addition, Department Chairs should be notified of a class cancellation.

Requesting a Classroom

If you need a classroom for a purpose outside of normal class times, please fill out a Faculty/Staff Event Request Form, which can be found on the Le Moyne Event Management page.

Changing a Classroom

If you would like a classroom change, please send a request to registrar@lemoyne.edu.  Please note, it is very difficult to accommodate room changes after the schedule has been posted.  If, in the future, you need a particular type of room for your teaching style, you can ask your Department Chair to add that request when submitting his/her schedule for the next term.


In accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), Le Moyne College has implemented procedures for the review and/or challenge of student records.  The following link provides the institutional policy.  In short, educational records for students should only be disclosed for legitimate educational purposes and can't be released otherwise, unless you have prior consent of the student.  As a faculty member, you play a role in maintaining this policy: under no circumstances should rosters with identifiable information be made public; no grades should be posted with students names or IDs attached; graded papers should not be left outside offices for students to pick up; if a parent calls to discuss a student's progress in your course, you should not talk to the parent without knowing whether or not a student has signed a FERPA Release Form.  Please contact the Registrar's Office for this information.