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Campus Ministry



Social Justice

Social Justice is an important part of Jesuit, Catholic Education.

Contact Beth Scanlon in campus ministry at x 4114 or scanlele@lemoyne.edu to get involved.


Upcoming Justice Events
The Child Migrant Crisis: Root Causes and Real Solutions

7 p.m., Tuesday. Sept. 23
Reilley Room, Reilly Hall

The recent child migrant crisis has spread global awareness of the violence and instability threatening the northern triangle of Central America (Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador). In El Salvador, this crisis stems from a broader yet unacknowledged phenomenon of forced displacement in which hundreds of thousands of Salvadorans are forced from their homes every year due to gang violence and organized crime. This conflict is not separate from, but rather a continuation of, a history of extreme social exclusion that led to the Civil War in the 1980s.

Hannah Peris of Cristosal, a human rights nongovernment organization based in El Salvador that works closely with victims of forced displacement and marginalized communities, will address the root causes of this crisis, the legal and social structures that propogate it both in the US and El Salvador, and how we as international actors can become partners for long-term change and a regional peace process.

Peris began working with Cristosal in 2013. Her work focuses on expanding existing programs in El Salvador related to community development, protecting victims of forced displacement and violence, and building programmatic support in North America. Hannah previously worked in environmental consulting as a geochemist in Seattle, and graduated from Columbia University with a degree in environmental science and sustainable development.

This event is free and open to the public.

Ferguson, Mo.: It's Your Problem, Too!

6:30 p.m., Thursday, Sept. 25
Grewen Auditorium, Grewen Hall

Professors from Le Moyne, Onondaga Community College, Syracuse University and Colgate University will be discussing the events surrounding the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., late this summer. The case, which has drawn national media attention, remains under investigation. Students, faculty, and anyone that attends may ask questions and discuss. This event is free and open to the public.