Canvas @ Le Moyne

Information about Fall 2014 courses:

  • Course sections will appear in Canvas as they are finalized by the Registrar.
  • Students and instructors will be added and removed automatically throughout the registration process as they enroll in, add or drop classes.
  • By default, all Canvas courses are initially in an unpublished (unavailable) state. We encourage you to keep your courses in their unpublished (unavailable) state until you’re ready for students. The new Draft State feature will allow content to remain unpublished, meaning that course access to the Syllabus and course preparation materials is possible without revealing content.

 Whats New in Canvas?

  • Document Previewer changed from Scribd to Box (this feature has no change in functionality):
  • Conversations enhancements: communicate with students more effectively and filter messages by course or group
  • Calendar enhancements: view course assignments or events in several calendar views with enhanced course colors and drag-and-drop organization
  • Draft State: create content in Modules, Assignments, Pages, Quizzes, and Discussions whenever it’s convenient to you; make them visible to students when you choose
  • GPA Scale grading scheme: create and grade assignments based on a GPA Scale 
  • Gradebook enhancements: view student grades in an enhanced page design with fully accessible features
  • Learning Mastery Gradebook: Canvas’ Learning Mastery Gradebook allows teachers to create outcomes for each teaching module and evaluate students' understanding of those concepts based on a percent of mastery. Because Canvas is content-agnostic, teachers will be empowered to choose any learning outcomes, ranging from state and Common Core standards to custom benchmarks. Canvas already has the functionality to create grading rubrics that align to outcomes or standards, and the new grade book will have the ability to connect with the measures outlined in those rubrics.
  • Enhanced Quiz Statistics: Quizzes has an updated design that combines the quiz overview and quiz statistics pages. Additionally, this change improves the loading speed within quizzes and enhances the details within quiz statistics. Instructors can view an entire quiz summary that shows a graph with average score percentages, and question breakdowns can be sorted by quiz position or discrimination index. This is an "in beta" course level feature that must be enabled by the teacher. Course Settings>Feature Options