Dance Minor

Dance is an art form that transcends cultures, class, race, and religion, and the Dance Minor is open to students from all majors and levels of experience seeking an artistic, social, creative, and physical complement to the intellectual rigors of a Le Moyne education. The Department of Visual and Performing Arts specializes in training the Whole Artist, and our Dance Minor program is designed to give students dance technique, choreographic and performance training, and an understanding of the artistry and the context of dance in society. Through their participation in a variety of fun and  challenging classes or within our active extra-curricular dance ensembles, our Dance Minor students develop intellectually, physically and artistically in a supportive and social environment. 



The Dance Minor program is a great outlet for students interested in exploring the fundamentals of dance and its historical and social relevance. This Minor program offers the student an opportunity to explore multiple approaches to physical expression while intellectually investigating dance in its broader context. Dance Minor students are asked to fulfill six (6) credits in the Dance Minor core, and a further nine (9) credits through various electives.


THR 105: Intro to Theatre (3 credits) 

THR 280: Choreography (3 credits) -may be repeated for credit

DANCE MINOR ELECTIVES (choose 3 courses)

THR 170 Pilates and Core Dance Concepts (3) or THR 171 Pilates and Core Dance Concepts (3)

THR 203 Voice and Movement (3) 

THR 220-239 Special Topics (3) *

THR 271 Ballet Technique (3)

THR 273 Contemporary Jazz Technique (3)

THR 275 Modern Dance Technique (3)

THR 277 Musical Theatre Dance (3)

THR 281 Choreography Workshop (1, may be repeated up to 3 credits)

THR 390 Independent Study (3-6)*



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