Information for Staff


Pay Schedule

  • Staff are paid biweekly on Fridays. Timesheets are usually due in the payroll office on the Friday before pay day.


  • Timesheets can be printed in ECHO. Sign into ECHO your timesheet will be found as follows: Administrative Systems Links>My Information>Staff Timesheets.
  • You can print a "blank" timesheet or enter the hours directly on the timesheet and print. At this time there is not the capability to save the timesheet.

Check Distribution

  • Paychecks may be picked up in the payroll office (Grewen Hall 209F)  Monday - Friday on pay day between the hours of 8:30am and 4:30pm.
  • Paychecks not picked up on pay day by 4:30pm will be mailed to the address on file.

Direct Deposit

  • Direct deposit advices are distributed electronically. Sign into ECHO your pay advice will be found as follows: Administrative Systems Links>My Information>My Paystub>Select Date to view and/or print.

Tax Withholdings

Address Changes

  • Sign in to ECHO, scroll down to Administrative Systems Links>My Information>Employee Profile.

Sick Days

  • Full time staff - 70 hour and 80 hour accrue sick time each pay period at the rate of 3.23 hours and 3.70 hours respectively. This amounts to 12 sick days a year for 26 pay periods. New staff are given sick time retro to the date of hire after completion of a satisfactory probationary review (3 months).

Vacation Days

  • Staff vacation is based on full years of service as of July 1st. Staff hired between July 1st and September 30th will be considered to have completed a full employment year on the following July 1st.
  • Staff is not entitled to vacation until the July 1st following the date of hire. Vacation will be prorated based on the month of hire.
    • -After 1 full year of service 10 days
    • -After 5 full years of service 15 days
    • -After 10 full years of service 20 days

Personal Days

  • Full time staff employees are eligible for paid personal days as of July 1st based on length of service as follows:
    • Less than 6 months 0 days
    • 6 months to 1 year 1 day
    • Over 1 year 2 days