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Le Moyne College Student Participates in 2011 Pathways Summer Institute at Yale

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (For Immediate Release) … Siobhan Phillippe, who graduated from Le Moyne College in May, won entry to the competitive 2011 Pathways Summer Institute that took place this summer at Yale University.

The third annual Summer Institute on Islam & Intercultural Collaboration: Leadership Amidst Controversy was designed to train and equip young leaders for effective cross-cultural engagement, particularly between the West and the Muslim world, and to empower participants to respectfully collaborate with people from divergent worldviews.

“We were as diverse as any one group could be,” said Phillippe. “Christians, Muslims, Jews, the nonreligious, scientists, religious leaders, students, community leaders, artists, diplomats, conservative, liberal, outspoken, reserved. But we all melded together … In a week, we came together in a productive and exciting way that allowed for meaningful, open discussion and debate.”

The institute combined interdisciplinary scholarship with personal development, group collaboration and hands-on training. The institute is co-sponsored by the Yale Center for Faith & Culture.

Siobhan Phillippe majored in biology at Le Moyne and graduated summa cum laude.


posted on: 7/19/2011