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Le Moyne College Hosts 23rd Annual Peace Studies Conference

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (For Immediate Release) … Le Moyne College will host the 23rd Annual Peace Studies Conference on Saturday, Nov. 12, from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. in Reilley Hall. The conference theme is "Globalized Restructuring, New Media and Mobilization."

Accelerating global flows of people, money, technology, images, ideas and narratives are transforming the ways people connect, inspire one another, participate in informal economies and organize social movements. The intersection of globalized economic restructuring and widespread access to Internet-based media provide an appropriate context in which to understand such phenomena. Events of the Arab Spring have demonstrated the impact of some of these changes and of potential reactions, though their full significance remains to be seen. This conference will explore the implications for conflict and mobilization in the 21st century.

The keynote address will be delivered at noon in 446 Reilly Hall by Laila Al-Arian, writer and producer for Al Jazeera English in Washington, D.C. Her talk is titled “Televising the Revolutions: The Role of the Media in the Arab Spring.” Her address is free and open to the public.

Al-Arian holds a master’s degree from Columbia’s Graduate School of Journalism. Her work has appeared in The Nation, Alternet, The Independent, The Guardian, The Australian, United Press International, and the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs. Al-Arian is the author, with Chris Hedges, of “Collateral Damage: America's War Against Iraqi Civilians.” The book is based on their 2007 Nation magazine investigative piece "The Other War," which was selected as one of Project Censored's 25 most important undercovered news stories of 2008.

At 6:30 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 12, following the conference, Le Moyne will host a free screening of “Pray the Devil Back to Hell” in Grewen Auditorium. This documentary film, from the PBS mini-series “Women, War and Peace,” explores the role of women in ending the Liberian civil war. Darius Makuja, Le Moyne College, will introduce the film. The screening will be followed with a discussion, led by Mardea Warner, Syracuse activist and daughter of the last democratically elected vice president of Liberia before the civil war in that country, and Sanicee H. Kromah, Le Moyne College student and online political organizer in the Liberian diaspora.

The conference is open to the public. Registration fee is $15 general admission, $10 for students with ID, and includes lunch. The film screening of “Pray the Devil Back to Hell” and the keynote address by Laila Al-Arian are both free and open to the public. For complete program information or to register for the conference, visit the CNY Peace Studies Consortium website at peaceconsortium.org.

The conference is sponsored by the Center for Peace & Global Studies and the Center for Urban and Regional Applied Research at Le Moyne.


posted on: 10/19/2011