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Le Moyne College Announces Appointment of Physician Assistant Studies Director

<p>SYRACUSE, N.Y. (For Immediate Release) … Le Moyne College announced the appointment of Mary E. Springston, RPA-C, as the director of its department of physician assistant studies. Le Moyne College began training physician assistants in 1996 and, since 2006, has offered a master’s degree in the field. Springston joined the department in 2003 as clinical coordinator and became the academic coordinator in 2006. She received her certificate as a physician assistant from the Harlem Hospital Center associated with City University of New York. Her specialty work in the area of HIV-related medicine began in 1993 at Bellevue Hospital in New York City. Springston maintains her clinical practice by providing primary care part-time to patients with HIV in the local correctional facilities. She holds a master’s degree in education from Le Moyne College.<br /> <br /> As PA department director, Springston is responsible for maintaining program accreditation, administering program budget, and supervising program staff and faculty. An average size class for the Le Moyne College program is 34 graduate students. During their first year, students are involved in intensive study and laboratory work. A variety of clinical rotations in health care settings are provided during the second year of professional preparation. Graduates then must pass a national certification exam to qualify as a physician assistant who practices in concert with a supervising physician. Springston has outlined that the program goals for the coming academic year will be in the areas of health literacy, the expansion of the cultural competency curriculum, and the continued development of solid clinical thinkers. She noted that the PA program at Le Moyne College is unique with its Jesuit tradition of excellence in the humanities and sciences as well as with a broad biopsychosocial orientation to its preparation of medical practitioners as physician assistants.</p>
posted on: 7/30/2008