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Tsunami Tragedy Puts Le Moyne Professor in the Spotlight

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (For immediate release) ... The massive earthquake near Japan and the resulting tsunami have been at the forefront of the news since the events unfolded late last week. Among those in demand in the media following the events has been Dr. Martha Grabowski, director of the information systems program at Le Moyne.

Since 2008, Dr. Grabowski has served as the vice chair of the National Academies of the Sciences Tsunami Warning System Preparedness Committee. In fall 2010, the committee presented its findings to Congress and just last week filed its final report. Immediately after the earthquake hit, she was in conversation with others on the committee, including one who was on a ship in Indonesia and was texting updates as the waves arrived there.

Among the outlets where her interviews appeared were The National Journal, Channel 9 WSYR-TV, several Your News Now (YNN) stations across upstate New York; and the Syracuse Post-Standard. She has also appeared on other places on the Web, including the blog of the chief information officer at Harvard Medical School.

posted on: 3/16/2011