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Student Team from Le Moyne Awarded $5,000 Grant at Emerging Talk Conference

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (For Immediate Release) … Le Moyne students Matthew Werbeck, BS/MBA 2012, and Daniel Russell, BS/MBA 2012, co-founders of WAVELINK, were awarded a $5,000 grant during the Emerging Talk conference and competition. The competition took place March 31 to April 1 at the Tech Garden in downtown Syracuse and drew nearly 200 registered participants.

Other members of the WAVELINK team included Boya Liu of Syracuse University, who serves as creative director, and Jeff Hube of Rochester Institute of Technology, programmer for the start-up.

From the project description:
WAVELINK is a transparent layer across the web that allows you to highlight, annotate and draw on any website then share it privately between you and whomever you choose.

WAVELINK is solving the inherent human need for speed, and simplicity. Our browser companion brings necessary tools on the web, to one platform, in order to make surfing the web more easy and efficient. Currently, when users need to share information on the web, most of them resort to copying and pasting information from websites and sending it to others using their e-mail. When copying and pasting messages directly to e-mail a lot of surrounding context is lost. However, with WAVELINK, our transparent layer allows the web user to highlight part of any web article and Flick It in one click to a friend or colleague, without losing the content surrounding the highlighted section.

Besides the ability to annotate and Flick It to a friend in one click, the user can also take a snapshot for when you want to share content from behind your password protected walls. Furthermore, if the user chooses not to share his/her annotations or snapshot, he/she can save their content to WAVELINK's cloud computing database, which can be accessed anywhere around the world, using our Save It feature.

To see a video describing WAVELINK, click here.

Emerging Talk is a two-day, student-entrepreneurship conference held at The Tech Garden in downtown Syracuse, New York. Through a diverse set of guest speakers, discussions and activities, participating students are exposed to people, questions and resources they may not have realized applied to their business. The event attracts over 250 veteran business owners, community members, alumni, and student entrepreneurs from a large cross-section of the area’s universities and high schools.

posted on: 4/6/2011