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Department of Chemistry & Physics

Chemistry Program

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Carmen Giunta Carmen J. Giunta, Professor of Chemistry (1990)


Associate Professors


Theresa Beaty Theresa L. Beaty, Associate Professor of Chemistry (1996)
  • Ph.D. (Biochemistry) Johns Hopkins University
    B.S. (Chemistry and Biology) Aquinas College
  • SC237; (315)445-4109; beatytl@lemoyne.edu
  • Specialty: Biochemistry. Visit her web page.
  • Research:
    1. The effects of environmental agents, hormones and growth factors on gene expression, especially with respect to cell growth and differentiation. The model system is the gonads of a hermaphroditic fish.
    2. Genetic diversity within an insect population.
Michael Masingale Michael P. Masingale, Associate Professor of Chemistry (1984), on sabbatical fall 2014
  • Ph.D. (Chemistry) Syracuse University
    B.S. (Chemistry) Morehouse College
  • SC304; (315)445-4108; masingal@lemoyne.edu
  • Specialty: Inorganic Chemistry
  • Research: The synthesis and characterization of porphyrin ligand systems that might serve as catalysts for the reduction of coordinated nitrogen (N2) to N2H4 (hydrazine) or NH3 (ammonia). 
Joseph Mullins Joseph J. Mullins, Associate Professor of Chemistry (1999)
  • Ph.D. & M.S. (Chemistry) University of Rochester
    B.S. (Chemistry) Rochester Institute of Technology
  • SC306; (315)445-4729; mullinjj@lemoyne.edu
  • Specialty: Organic chemistry, particularly synthesis
  • Research: My area of interest is organic synthesis. Two areas of the field will be investigated: the synthesis of biologically active compounds and the development of synthetic methodologies. Target molecules include derivatives of the steroid dehydroepiandrosterone, and polyphenolic compounds related to the natural antioxidant resveratrol. Such compounds have potential disease-preventative and therapeutic properties. Research experience will include experimental design, synthetic methods, and modern methods of purification and structural characterization. 
Anna O'Brien, Associate Professor of Chemistry (2007), on sabbatical spring 2015
  • Ph.D. (Chemistry) Syracuse University
    M.S. (Chemical and Environmental Engineering) & B.S. (Chemistry) University of Toledo
  • SC312; (315)445-4674; obrienay@lemoyne.edu
  • Specialty: Environmental and analytical chemistry. Research projects have an environmental focus, incorporating inorganic synthesis and analytical techniques. 


Adjunct and Visiting Faculty and Staff


  Olivia Barret, Adjunct Instructor of Chemistry
  Mary Boyden, Adjunct Instructor of Chemistry
  Elizabeth Danaher, Adjunct Instructor of Chemistry
  David Childress, Adjunct Instructor of Chemistry
  Thomas Donegan, Adjunct Instructor of Chemistry
  Donald Hughes, Adjunct Instructor of Chemistry
  Pushkar Kaul, Adjunct Instructor of Chemistry
  Barbara Leo, Environmental Health and Safety Officer and Adjunct Instructor of Chemistry
  • M.S. Rochester Institute of Technology
    B.S. SUNY Buffalo; 
  • SC118; (315)445-4536; leobl@lemoyne.edu
  • Specialty: Analytical and instrumental chemistry 
  Gerard McPhee, Adjunct Instructor of Chemistry
  Charles Montgomery, Adjunct Instructor of Chemistry
  James Morgan, Adjunct Instructor of Chemistry
  Terence Morrill, Adjunct Instructor of Chemistry
  Rachael Henriques Porter
  • M.S. Indiana University
    B.A. Swarthmore College
  • SC217; (315)445-4724; porterrh@lemoyne.edu
  • Specialty: Organic chemistry 
  Farhana Syed, Adjunct Instructor of Chemistry
  Vicentica Valdes, Adjunct Instructor of Chemistry


Emeritus Faculty


George J. Durr, Professor Emeritus (1964) of Chemistry
Ph.D. Georgetown University; M.S. & B.S. University of Detroit
Specialty: Organic chemistry 


Faculty News and Research Presentations and Publications

  • Congratulations to Dr. David Craig for his promotion to the rank of Professor and to Dr. Anna O'Brien for her promotion to Associate Professor with tenure, announced in Spring 2014.

  • Le Moyne chemists at the 247th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society (ACS) in Dallas, TX, March 16-20, 2014

  • Dr. Carmen Giunta was co-author of the solutions manual for a new edition of Physical Chemistry: Quanta, Matter, and Change by Peter Atkins, Julio de Paula, and Ronald Friedman: Charles Trapp, Marshall Cady, and Carmen Giunta, Students Solutions Manual to Accompany Physical Chemistry: Quanta, Matter, and Change 2e. The books are published by Oxford University Press (2013 for the main text, 2014 for the solutions manual).

  • Cody Webb presented a poster of work done in collaboration with Dr. O'Brien in Dr. Karin Ruhlandt's laboratory at Syracuse University at the 39th Northeast Regional Meeting of the ACS, New Haven, CT, October 23-26, 2013: Cody C. Webb Jr., Alan Goos, Anna O'Brien, Karin Ruhlandt, "Towards heterobimetallic alkaline earth metal bismuthates as MOCVD precursors."

  • Dr. Giunta had a chapter "Historical Chemists in Fiction" published Gary D. Patterson and Seth C. Rasmussen, Eds., Characters in Chemistry: A Celebration of the Humanity of Chemistry (ACS, 2013). The chapter was based on his presentation at the 244th National Meeting of the ACS in August 2012 in Philadelphia: "Fictional characters in chemistry" in the program of the Division of the History of Chemistry.

  • Dr. Anna O'Brien is a senior investigator on a successful NSF-REU grant, "REU Site: Chemistry Undergraduate Research at Syracuse University" 2013-2016, Syracuse University, Award Number CHE-1263154. Principal Investigators: Karin Ruhlandt, Michael Sponsler of Syracuse University.

  • Dr. Giunta presented two papers in the program of the history division at the 246th national meeting of the ACS in Indianapolis in September 2013, "HIST tutorial: Molecules in motion - the kind we call heat" and "Ordering the Elements: van den Broek and Moseley."

  • Dr. O'Brien contributed to a presentation at the 38th Northeast Regional Meeting of the ACS in Rochester, NY, in October 2012: Yuriko Takahashi, Anna O'Brien, Karin Ruhlandt-Senge, "Convenient, one pot, metal-based reactions towards molecular alkaline earth species."

  • Dr. Mullins published an article in the Journal of Chemical Education: "Hyperconjugation: A More Coherent Approach," Journal of Chemical Education 89, 834-836 (2012).

  • Dr. O'Brien contributed to a poster presentation at the Inorganic Chemistry Gordon Research Conference, Biddeford, ME, June 17-22, 2012: Yuriko Takahashi, Daniel Weismann, Miriam Gillett-Kunnath, Anna Y. O'Brien, Helmut Sitzman, Phil Andrews, Glen Deacon, Karin Ruhlandt-Senge, "Investigations of redox transmetallation/ligand exchange reactions of alkaline earth metals with siliylamides and cyclopentadienides."

  • Dr. David Craig published an article in the Journal of Physics, Conference Series: David A. Craig and Parampreet Singh, "Consistent probabilities in sLQC", Journal of Physics, Conference Series 360, 012028 (2012).

  • Dr. Stamatios Kyrkos contributed to two papers published in Contributions to Plasma Physics:

  • Dr. Mullins made a presentation at the 243rd National Meeting of the ACS in March 2012 in San Diego: "'Five-minute mechanism' program in organic chemistry" in the program of the Division of Chemical Education.

  • Dr. David Craig published an article in Foundations of Physics: David A. Craig and Parampreet Singh, "Consistent Histories in Quantum Cosmology," Foundations of Physics 41, 371-379 (2011).

  • Dr. Anna O'Brien contributed to an article in Coordination Chemistry Reviews: Ana Torvisco, Anna Y. O'Brien, and Karin Ruhlandt-Senge, "Advances in alkaline earth-nitrogen chemistry," 255(11-12), 1268-1292 (June 2011).

  • Two Le Moyne chemists made presentations at the 241st National Meeting of the ACS in March 2011 in Anaheim, CA.

  • Dr. Giunta was appointed editor of the Bulletin for the History of Chemistry effective January 2011.