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To register for the information sessions, please call the Office of Graduate Admission at (315) 445-5444 or email GradAdmission@lemoyne.edu. Please provide your first and last names and number attending.

Student Testimonials
Brad Canino

The Le Moyne MBA program has been a unique and exciting experience. The program helped me to advance my core business skills, but it has also extended beyond the core curriculum and enabled deeper learning and personal growth. The Jesuit pursuit of holistic knowledge, the strong connections and mentorships I have formed, and the talent of my professors have raised a foundation of success upon which I now stand. But it will not end there - the education I received at Le Moyne will extend for a lifetime.

Nicholas L. Romano, SPHR

In recent years, my role as lead human resources professional has transitioned from one that had been transactional, technical, and administrative in nature to one that plays a major strategic role in the development and accomplishment of organizational goals and objectives.

The MBA program provides a venue to develop strategic business skills for leadership, communication, organization, and team-building as well as the opportunity to network with other students, faculty and industry professionals.

The classes at Le Moyne are led by experienced business professionals who enable discussions and interactions to take place as students are encouraged to share their business expertise, and challenge preconceptions.

The MBA program is flexible for working professionals as classes are usually scheduled outside normal business hours. Le Moyne;s highly touted educational standards enable students to develop at their own pace and provides the support necessary for students reach career and educational goals in the manner that's most convenient and efficient for them.

Jim Reed, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Sales, Excellus BlueCross BlueShield

My experience in the Le Moyne College MBA program has been absolutely terrific. They provide a very well-rounded, professional curriculum in a setting that supports their Jesuit value structure. The smaller class sizes, and lower faculty-to-student ratio, has provided me the opportunity to take textbook learning and apply it to my current work assignments. The faculty has been great at seeking ways to bring my current work issues and challenges to projects and assignments that come with each course, thereby making it that much more valuable to my career growth. Through the part-time program, I have been able to pursue my MBA in a manner that fits with both my work and family life. When talking with other colleagues and coworkers interested in pursuing their MBA, I always recommend Le Moyne.

William G. Veit '84, MBA '05, President and CEO, Badoud Communications, Inc.

Upon graduating from LeMoyne's accounting program in 1984, I worked in the public accounting field for KPMG, followed by a divisional controller position for large industrial equipment supplier in Syracuse. I entered into the media industry in 1990 after being recruited by a former KPMG managing partner and LeMoyne alumni. While holding the title of CFO, I returned to Le Moyne for my MBA. While working towards my MBA degree I enjoyed collaborating with a diverse group of professionals, many of whom have become friends and business associates. Small class size throughout my MBA studies facilitated my learning and helped build these strong relationships. I appreciated academic rigor that Le Moyne provided while the flexibility and creative class structure allowed me to bring challenges facing my business into the class room. The Jesuit philosophy of educating the whole person; mind, body and spirit, as well as the idea of giving back to your community impressed me and is the reason for my current involvement in many community organizations including ReBuild Syracuse, the Syracuse Rescue Mission, and the Near West Side Initiative.

David J. Barletta, MBA '96

Graduating from the Le Moyne College MBA program played a pivotal role in my success in the business arena. Not only did I leave Le Moyne College with the tools necessary to thrive in today's marketplace, I also learned the importance of fostering and maintaining good solid working relationships. Looking back, many of the ethical discussions held in class have helped me with some difficult decisions of my own. None of this would have been possible if it were not for the lessons that I learned during my time in the MBA program. Working closely with my professors and being part of a class size that welcomed open discussion, I came to appreciate the support that as a group we all had for each other.

Evelyn C. Carter, MBA '02, Director of Consumer Affairs, Wegmans Food Markets, Syracuse Division

My experience as a student in the Le Moyne MBA program was invaluable. The academically rigorous program challenged me to perform to high standards while simultaneously juggling a full time job. After graduating from a large institution for my undergraduate degree, the close knit feel of the MBA program at Le Moyne was refreshing. It provided a very personal approach to education. Also, the small class size enabled me to have a close professional relationship with both the students and the professors. As a working professional, the convenience of evening class times and easy access to parking was a significant, positive component of my experience. I am proud to be an alumnae of the MBA program at Le Moyne College.

Kathleen A. Kolodziejczyk, MBA '96, Associate Director R&D Finance, Bristol-Myers Squibb Company

While undergraduate degrees focus on developing expertise within one discipline, Le Moyne's MBA program develops an understanding of and appreciation for complementary disciplines. In today's business model - one in which Accounting and Finance personnel are expected to fully participate as partners with operations personnel - a broad-based knowledge is critical to the effective execution of a company's business objectives. Le Moyne's MBA program converts philosophical theory into practical business application which better prepares students for real life situations. The program curriculum and professors are flexible, which is particularly beneficial for working adults and students with families. I know my Le Moyne MBA has contributed greatly to continued growth and success throughout my career.

Mary Walsh Brown, MBA '02, Chief Operating Officer, St. Joseph's Hospital Health Center, Syracuse, NY

As Chief Operating Officer at St. Joseph's Hospital, I use what I learned in Le Moyne's MBA program every day. Aside from acquiring excellent business skills, I have a much better understanding of what it takes to be a great leader.

Most of the MBA students in my class were mid-career professionals and came from many different industries. I found it fascinating to hear what was happening in other sectors. Class discussions were lively, and group projects were a simulation of all the things we had learned, including team building, conflict resolution, goal setting and process improvement.

Faculty members were very accessible (even on weekends) and most of them provided their cell phone numbers to students. I vividly remember calling my statistics professor on a Sunday night to ask for assistance on an assignment. He was more than happy to help.

Lastly, but not least important, the Jesuit tradition at Le Moyne is very similar to the culture of St. Joseph's, so it felt very comfortable. We share many of the values and beliefs, and we both place a strong emphasis on ethics.

Mary McNeil, MBA '08

The MBA Program at Le Moyne College is truly about educating the whole person. The program is academically challenging and rich in culture. I entered the program secure in a professional career as an officer of a corporation, owned by a family member; my mission probably differed from the average candidate. Initially my charge was to advance myself academically while interacting with other executives and aiming for professional growth. As we were growing our company nationally I had to strengthen my leadership and business skills while evolving in our industry.

My focus shifted quickly under the progressive influence of the Le Moyne faculty and my undertaking became more centralized around ethical and responsible corporate performance. The student faculty ratio is advantageously limited giving the professors the ability to actually develop the talents of each student. The curriculum possesses an invaluable Jesuit influence and is broadly rich in value and intellect.

About Our Program

The Le Moyne College Master of Business Administration (MBA) program strives to develop managers capable of making sound decisions in an increasingly complex world, and who combine the art and science of leadership in a global perspective. Today’s manager must be able to analyze everything from balance sheets to socio-cultural diversity. But analysis is hardly enough. He or she must also be able to think through a plan of action, then implement it. Le Moyne's Jesuit tradition stresses ethical and value analysis as well as oral and written communication skills.

All of the academic coursework needed for the MBA program is contained in the program. Applicants with little or no prior background in business, without a business or accounting undergraduate degree, or whose skills need updating, will find coursework available to meet their needs.

Small classes, typically meeting once a week in the evening (along with occasional Saturday offerings), encourage close working relationships among faculty, students and staff. All faculty are doctorally qualified and publish research or consult in their respective fields. As a result, students will participate in engaging and lively discussions, addressing the management issues of the 21st century.


Tuition and Registration Information 2015-2016 Semesters

  • MBA tuition is $778 per credit hour or $2,334 for each 3 credit MBA course.
  • New students registering for the first time for the May-mester and Summer 2015 semester must register through the MBA office by 5/11/15.  New students registering for the first time for the Fall 2015 semester must register through the MBA office by 8/24/15.
  • All other MBA students must register via the web through Webadvisor.
  • Students who have employer tuition deferral must send in their signed original Employer Tuition Deferral Registration form/prom note to the MBA office no later than 5/11/15 for the may-mester and summer semester and 8/24/15 for the fall semester.
  • Students using student tuition deferral registration must submit their original form (PDF) with 50% down payment per course to the Bursar Office no later than 5/21/15 for the may-mester and summer semester and 8/24/15 for the fall semester after registering via the web.



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