MBA Program

Le Moyne attracts faculty who enhance the student-focused orientation of the College. Nearly all MBA faculty are full-time and have strong academic and professional backgrounds. Most have held management positions in the public and private sectors. They engage in research that supports their primary mission of teaching students at the leading edge of their respective fields. Faculty research finds its way into the classroom and thus enriches significantly the educational experience.

One of Le Moyne's strengths is strong student-faculty interaction. Faculty are available to work on projects, research and career plans. Faculty regularly attend conferences and development workshops to become more effective educators. As a result, the program dynamically responds to the changing needs of adult learners.

George Kulick

George Kulick

Associate Dean, Madden School of Business
MBA Program Director
Associate Professor of Business Analytics
Ph.D., Statistics, Syracuse University, 1988
Mitchell Hall 214
(315) 445-5474
Interests: Quantitative methods; survey methods; statistics.

Daniel Arno

Assistant Professor of Business Administration
J.D., Albany Law School, 1975

Reilly Hall 434
(315) 445-4498


Bernard Arogyaswamy

Professor of Management
D.B.A., Administration, Kent State University, 1985
Mitchell Hall 207
(315) 445-4727

John Considine

Professor of Marketing
Ph.D., Marketing, Syracuse University, 1984

Reilly Hall 327
(315) 445-4438
Teaching Interests: Principles of marketing; sports marketing; transportation.
Research Interests: Sports marketing issues; church marketing; mass transit.


Wally Elmer

Professor of Marketing
Ph.D., Marketing, Syracuse University, 1984

RH 239D

(315) 445-4239

Interests: Marketing research and management; higher education marketing; industrial marketing.

 Dr. Martha Grabowski'

Martha Grabowski

McDevitt Chair in Information Systems
Professor of Information Systems
M.S., MBA, Ph.D. Management Information Systems/Expert Systems, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 1987
Mitchell Hall 210
(315) 445-4427
Twitter: @GrabowskiMIS201 or @grabowsk2
Interests: Large-scale systems; embedded intelligent real-time systems; transportation systems; human factors; disaster and emergency response; social network analysis; social media; human and organizational error; safety-critical systems; organizational impact of technology; use of information systems for competitive advantage.

Wayne Grove

Professor of Economics
Ph.D., University of Illinois
Reilly Hall 336
(315) 445-4235

Renee Downey Hart

Professor of Practice, Management & Human Resources
Ph.D., Syracuse University 1996
Reilly Hall 419
(315) 445-4485
Interests: Organizational retention; performance in the internet age.

Greg Lepak

Professor of Business Administration
Ph.D., Statistics, SUNY Albany, 1984
Reilly Hall 302
(315) 445-4384

Shinjeng Lin

Associate Professor of Information Systems
Ph.D. Information Science, Rutgers University, 2001
Mitchell Hall 213
(315) 445-4136
Teaching Interests: Web design; client-side web applications development; server-side web applications development; electronic commerce; database applications; information strategy and management.
Research Interests: Human-computer interaction; information seeking behavior; online consumer behavior; usability and design issues in health information systems.

Roger Lund

Professor of English
Ph.D., University of Virginia, 1978
Reilly Hall 315
Interests: Business communications; rhetoric; satire; business-humanities linkages.

David McCallum

Rev. David McCallum, S.J.

Director of Mission and Identity
Assistant Professor of Management
Ed.D., Adult Learning and Leadership, Columbia University, 2008
(315) 445-6110

Joan Myers, CPA

Chair, Accounting, Associate Professor of Accounting
Ph.D., Accounting and Strategic Management, Syracuse University, 1993
Mitchell Hall 208
(315) 445-4233
Teaching Interests: Cost accounting; strategic cost management; managerial accounting; financial accounting topics; auditing.
Research Interests: Organizational uses of cost and managerial information; gender differences in financial decision making; activity-based costing; development of various accounting theory topics through history.

 Dennis O'Connor

Dennis O'Connor

Management Program Director
Professor of Management
Ph.D., Organizational Behavior, Case Western Reserve University, 1985
Reilly Hall 418
(315) 445-4483
Interests: Appreciative inquiry; future search; leadership (relating to change, teams, personal growth, and presence).

Daniel Orne

Associate Professor of Management
Ph.D., Management, Rensselar Polytechnic Institute, 1976

Reilly Hall 421
(315) 445-4391


Jinhu Qian

Finance Program Director
Associate Professor of Business Administration
Ph.D., Finance, University of Houston, 1997
Reilly Hall 305
(315) 445-4268
Teaching Interests: Investments; derivatives; corporate finance.
Research Interests: Market microstructure; equity offerings; portfolio management.

Jonathan Schonsheck

Professor of Philosophy
Ph.D., Ohio State University, 1979
Reilly Hall 424
(315) 445-4492
Teaching Interests: Business ethics; social & political philosophy; philosophy of law.
Research Interests: Business ethics; social & political philosophy; philosophy of law; philosophy and public policy.

Thaddeus Sim

Thaddeus Sim

Business Analytics Program Director
Associate Professor of Business Administration
Ph.D., Management Science, University of Iowa, 2007
Mitchell Hall 204
(315) 445-4435
Teaching Interests: Supply chain and operations management; business analytics.
Research Interests: Facility and hub location problems; supply chain management; business analytics.

Ron Wright

Ronald H. Wright

Professor of Business Administration
Ph.D., Operations Research, University of Kentucky, 1977
Mitchell Hall MI 115
(315) 445-4370
Teaching Interests: Analytic modeling; management science; experiential learning; sustainability.
Research Interests: Analytic modeling; complex systems evaluation; financial simulation models; fuzzy rule based evaluation systems; pedagogical research.


J. Christopher Zimmer

Assistant Professor of Information Systems
Ph.D., Management Information Systems, Clemson University, 2011
Mitchell Hall 211
(315) 445-4432
Teaching Interests: Business intelligence; decision making; enterprise resourse planning; social media.
Research Interests: Decision making; human-computer interaction; interaction of social and technical processes.