The criminology major aims to develop students to a point of learning that leaves them well prepared for their future career goals. At the conclusion of an individual’s study within the criminology program he or she will possess the following skills:

    * Strong written and oral communication skills

    * An understanding of the causes of crime

    * Ability to apply research and scientific methodology

    * Computer and statistical aptitude

    * An appreciation of social influences on crime

    * An understanding of criminal law and the criminal justice system

    * Critical thinking and decision-making skills

    * Ability to identify and provide solutions for social problems

With a degree in criminology students will be prepared for a career affiliated with the criminal justice system or graduate study. Career options for criminology graduates include but are not limited to police officer, court officer, FBI agent, secret service agent, U.S. marshal, victim advocate, youth advocate, peace officer, researcher and crime scene technician to name just a few. Graduate school is an option for students interested in the forensic sciences, forensic psychology, teaching at the college level, conducting criminological research, an accelerated chance of joining the FBI and practicing law.

The following is a list of Web sites that individuals interested in a career in criminology or criminal justice should check:

    * USA Jobs

    * Federal Job Listings

    * Transportation Security Administration

    * United States Secret Service

    * IRS Criminal Investigation jobs

    * Naval Criminal Investigative Service jobs

    * National Security Agency careers

    * INS Border Patrol and Immigration Jobs

    * US Park Police job info

    * Opportunities with the UN & other international organizations

    * Pentagon Force Protection Agency- officer positions

    * US Postal Inspector jobs

    * Federal Bureau of Prisons jobs

    * FBI jobs

    * CIA careers

    * Dept of Treasury, Bureau of Engraving & Printing - officer jobs

    * PoliceEmployment.com