Le Moyne Celebrates 75 years

Greatness meets Goodness.

At Le Moyne College, this isn’t just a motto. It’s a way of life. With equal parts passion and compassion, our students model academic excellence, and human excellence; they think for themselves, and beyond themselves; most importantly, they understand that integrity and success – whether in the lecture hall, the athletic field or the corporate boardroom, go hand in hand. For 75 years Le Moyne has nurtured leaders, innovators and problem-solvers who are both great and good, and perhaps never before has the world needed them more than it does today.

Many of Le Moyne’s first students picked up arms in defense of liberty half a world away. Today’s Dolphins organize against the forces that now threaten our freedom, from climate change to systemic racism. For 75 years, the College guided all of its students toward a greater understanding of the world around them, their place in it, and their capacity to shape it for the better. That is who we are at our core, and that is who we will always be, whether it’s 75, 150 or 225 years from now.