Le Moyne Celebrates 75 years

Marleen A. Bilbo


"Le Moyne gave me lifelong friends and a continuous desire to learn forever. Loved my four years at Le Moyne."

Mary Anne Johnson


"The friends I made after fifty years, we are still close and they continue to inspire me."

Carissa Miles


"Each person I have interacted with leaves me with a smile on my face and a spark in my heart to be the best I can be, and leave the word a better place."

Mary C. Eckhardt


"Le Moyne is a never ending community of friends new and old that are there for me during every step of my life. The feeling of a faith filled community is with me always no matter how much time or distance passes between us."

Denise S. Galloway


"In the sixties Le Moyne had a strong Jesuit presence. They taught academics to high standards, but also included development of one’s personal conscience and the importance of logical thinking."

Charles F. Jordan


"The 'Jesuit Philosophy' is what impacted me and continues to influence the priorities of all Le Moyne students. Seems the world needs this philosophy!"

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