Why the Off-Campus Work-Study Program?

Off Campus Work Study

Are you interested in making a difference in your community while gaining the skills and experience needed to help you work towards your career goals? If your answer is “YES” and you are eligible for Federal Work-Study funding, keep reading!

The Off-Campus Work-Study Program offers eligible students part-time paid employment in community based organizations and with select private sector employers across Syracuse. For those beyond walking distance, transportation is offered at no cost through the program.

Work Study Process:
  1. Check your Federal Work Study eligibility on through phinfo.lemoyne.edu. Still unsure? Contact the Financial Aid Office, financialaid@lemoyne.edu, (315) 445-4400.
  2. Review the Off-Campus Work-Study Student Guide
  3. If eligible and interested, consult the Off-Campus Work-Study job listings on Echo.
  4. Apply if interested. From there, your application will be reviewed for eligibility/skillset and shared with the associated employer for consideration.
  5. Do you still have questions? Feel free to contact the lead for the Off-Campus Work-Study Program, Meredith Tornabene, ocws@lemoyne.edu, (315) 445-4185 or see our Frequently Asked Questions