Why Legal Studies at Le Moyne?

Students pursuing a minor in legal studies at Le Moyne College gain a rich, interdisciplinary understanding of this subject matter and learn about law as a social phenomenon as they study both its cultural and institutional systems. Communication, problem solving and critical-thinking skills are key components of the program. Students examine the law as both a problem and as a solution to problems in the context of past and present social controversies, and learn to understand the process through which legal institutions change historically.

The legal studies minor focuses on law as a social phenomenon, and legal systems as both cultural and institutional in nature. Much of jurisprudential theory identifies justice as the first value of law and the standard against which legal systems will be judged. Within this framework, and in keeping with the Jesuit tradition upon which the College was founded, special attention is focused on the role of law in society's least-advantaged populations.

Who can benefit from the Legal Studies program?
  • Students of any major
  • Students interested in attending law school
  • Students not interested in law school, but who are interested in law
  • Students who want to gain a credential that complements their major and future careers (e.g., educators, business managers, journalists, historians, medical practitioners and social workers)

Courses and Requirements for Legal Studies

For more information about courses, requirements, and opportunities for the legal studies minor offered by the Department of Political Science, please see the Le Moyne College catalog.

Meet the Faculty
Delia Popescu

Delia Popescu

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Jonathan Parent

Jonathan Parent

Assistant Professor View Bio
James Snyder, Esq.

James Snyder

Professor of Practice View Bio

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