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As a leading business school centered within a Jesuit college, we are deeply committed to the Jesuit ideals of intellectual rigor, cura personalis (care of the whole person), and service to and for others. - Dean Jim Joseph



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Formation Abroad

The explosion of data, rise of mobility and emergence of multiple new forms of communication have made the world more interconnected than ever. The Madden School’s Formation Abroad is an immersive, mission-oriented program that prepares students to enter that world. As they study at partner universities, work as interns for prestigious organizations, and volunteer in their host communities, students broaden their expectations of themselves, connect to the wider world, and increase their capacity to see the bigger picture. Most important, they put their values into action.


Graduate Business Programs

Being in the Madden School exposed me to different experiences, including going to Thailand to study and interning at the White House - Will Brown '17

Our Business Faculty

Professors in the Madden School are not just outstanding educators, they are innovators and leaders in the fields of business and research

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Centers of Excellence


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Strong relationships with some of the world's leading employers create paths with powerful outcomes to our students

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For more than two decades, Mike Madden has made immeasurable contributions that helped his alma mater achieve unprecedented levels of success. In 2012, his long-standing support for business education at Le Moyne was recognized when the Madden School of Business was launched.

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The Madden School of Business brings national and international business leaders to the Le Moyne College campus to share their expertise with our students.

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We utilize three overarching Centers of Excellence—each charged with cultivating expertise, promoting scholarship and fostering learning opportunities within specific fields that provide the intellectual anchor and the organizational framework for the Madden School of Business.