Why Artificial Intelligence and Business Intelligence

The dual concentration in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Business Intelligence (BI) provides the best of both data worlds -- hands on experience with developing and managing AI applications and systems, as well  as visualization and data analytics skills and knowledge. Completing both concentrations in an academic schedule allows students to capitalize on the richness of both programs, leveraging the AI and BI knowledge and skills essential for current and future organizations.  

The Curriculum

Madden School of Business Highlights

The 39-credit hour MSIS with a concentration in Artificial & Business Intelligence requires completion of core courses (15 credit hours), elective courses (3 credit house), a capstone research/project course (3 credit hours), and courses for the concentration (15 credit hours). Course offerings are scheduled over two consecutive eight-week sessions each fall, spring and summer. A full review of your college transcripts will determine if prerequisite coursework will be needed based on your unique background. Prerequisites include MIS 501 and MIS 601.​

To view the full suite of courses required for the MS Information Systems program, please visit the College Catalog. 


Required Concentration Courses
  • MIS 716 Business Intelligence
  • MIS 740 Data Science
  • MIS 741 Artificial Intelligence, Automation and Analytics
  • MIS 745 Deep Learning
  • MIS 705 Advanced Business Analytics or MIS 702 Cases in Business Analytics
Shin Jeng Lin
Theresa Renn