Caitlin Cunningham

Caitlin Cunningham

Department Chair
Associate Professor

Reilly Hall 236
Le Moyne College
1419 Salt Springs Road
Syracuse, NY 13214


(315) 445-4631


Ph.D., Cornell University (2013), Statistics
B.A., University of Notre Dame (2004), History and Mathematics

Commonly Taught Courses:
MTH 110/111 – Introduction to Statistics
MTH 112 – Introduction to Statistics
MTH 311 – Probability Theory
MTH 312 – Mathematical Statistics
MTH 313 – Applied Statistics
MTH 314 – Actuarial Probability

Teaching Philosophy: Statistics is at its heart an applied discipline, at its most value when it is being used by researchers in other fields to answer important questions. I bring this interdisciplinary aspect to the forefront in my statistics courses, focusing on how to best use and apply the tools we learn about, bringing in real world examples from the news and from the research of faculty at Le Moyne.

Research: I am an applied statistician interested in using my expertise to help answer the questions of my collaborators. My research projects include studying the importance of sexual orientation on the rating of smell in potential lovers (joint work with Dr. Theresa White in Psychology); the effect of climate change on the migratory patterns of birds (joint work with Dr. Don McCrimmon and Dr. Jason Luscier in Biology); the accentedness, comprehensibility and intelligibility of various forms of Asian Englishes (joint work with Dr. Mary Zampini in Foreign Languages); and the breathing patterns of mice with a form of Down Syndrome (joint work with Dr. Lara DeRuisseau in Biology). I enjoy the wide range of projects I am exposed to as an applied statistician and take pleasure in helping to effectively and accurately analyze complex data sets so that my collaborators can get at the underlying truths hidden in their data.

Actuarial Program: In addition to my degree in Statistics, I have taken and passed the first 4 actuarial exams given by the Society of Actuaries and have two years of experience working as an actuary in the insurance industry. I coordinate the Le Moyne actuary program, and am always happy to meet with students to discuss the actuarial career or any other career in statistics.

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