David Nash

David Nash

Associate Professor

Reilly Hall 225
Le Moyne College
1419 Salt Springs Road
Syracuse, NY 13214


(315) 445-4671


About Dr. Nash

Ph.D. in Mathematics -- University of Oregon (2010)
M.S. in Mathematics -- University of Oregon (2006)
B.S. in Mathematics and Physics -- Santa Clara University (2004)

Commonly Taught Courses:
MTH104 -- Mathematics of Decision Making
MTH145 -- Calculus I
MTH146 -- Calculus II
MTH245 -- Calculus III (Multi-variable)
MTH261 -- Linear Algebra
MTH341 -- Abstract Algebra
MTH370 -- Problem Solving

Specialties: 1) Abstract Algebra with an emphasis in Representation Theory and Category Theory. 2) Recreational Mathematics.

Mathematical Philosophy: I tend to view Mathematics as a problem-solving art form living inside of a very precise universe. The rules and definitions in mathematics are much more precise than in other languages, but the proofs that they generate often depend on great creativity and are full of simplicity and beauty. Each (subject) area of mathematics provides us with a different framework in which to explore while all areas are simultaneously about problem solving at their cores. In all of my courses I aim to share my appreciation and enthusiasm for the beauty (and utility!) of mathematics with the hope that it will rub off on my students.

For more information, visit: web.lemoyne.edu/nashd

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