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Welcome to the Integral Honors Program!

Are you excited by learning? Do you enjoy not simply learning, but discussing and creating ideas? The Integral Honors Program is a community of students and faculty from across the campus who share a passion for deep intellectual engagement and the challenges and rewards of scholarly inquiry. Students apply to the Integral Honors Program in the spring of their senior year of high school and enter Le Moyne as Integral Honors students in their first semester. We do sometimes have a limited number of spots available for current students and transfer students to apply during the fall semester of their first year of study at Le Moyne. Students from all majors are welcome to become members of the Integral Honors community.

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Courses and Requirements

Honors students take a series of eight Honors courses, seven of which take the place of Core Requirements. (The remaining class focuses on researching and developing your Senior Honors Thesis topic.) If you would like to learn more about courses, requirements, and opportunities for the Integral Honors program, please see the Le Moyne College catalog.

Interested in Joining the Honors Program?

Le Moyne Honors Program
How to Apply

The application deadline for current high school seniors interested in joining the Integral Honors Program Class of 2025 has passed. Applicants will be notified of the review committee's decision in mid-March.

There are a limited number of spaces available for first-year students to join the Integral Honors Program. The application process will reopen (for currently enrolled first-year members of the Class of 2025) in October 2021.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Honors Students and Alumni

... are doing some amazing things!

Kaelin Foody '18 Studying Joyce in Dublin

Kaelin Foody ’18 has had the full experience of James Joyce’s Dublin as a scholar participating in the University College Dublin’s James Joyce Summer School.

Zacharia Mohamed '16 Next Step: Medical School

Zacharia Mohamed '16 lived in a refugee camp in Kenya for 10 years before coming to the U.S. As a child he witnessed how urgently the people there needed medical care.

Brianna Natale '16 Becoming a Fulbright Scholar

In her first year at Le Moyne, Brianna Natale '16 decided to apply to the Fulbright Program. In spring 2016, she received a prestigious Fulbright U.S. Student Program Study/Research Grant to the Netherlands.

Integral Honors Program Director

Matthew Fee
Dr. Matthew Fee

Reilly Hall 444
(315) 445-6203


B.A. Communication, La Salle University, Philadelphia

Ph.D. Cinema Studies, New York University

Read Dr. Fee's Bio

With more than twenty years in higher education administration, Dr. Fee has held positions in administration, advising, and program development at New York University, the School of Visual Arts, and Syracuse University. Prior to joining Le Moyne, he served for ten years as the Director of the Park Scholar Program at Ithaca College.

As a scholar, Dr. Fee's primary areas of research and specialization are Irish cinema, Irish studies, and film genres. He has presented and published on Irish cinema and Irish art, contemporary documentary, horror films, and post-9/11 cinema. Dr. Fee teaches Honors English--which focuses on Irish storytelling, particularly through the work of Irish writer/director Neil Jordan--and he has previously taught classes on introductory film analysis and advanced fiction film theory, Irish Cinema, the American Horror Film, and directors such as Orson Welles, David Cronenberg, George Romero, and Wes Craven. Dr. Fee is currently completing a book on Irish cinema and the fantastic.

"'Seeing Too Much is Seeing Nothing': The Place of Fashion within the Documentary Frame" in Documenting the Visual Arts, ed. Roger Hallas (Routledge: London and New York, 2019), 174-188.

“‘A Musical Dressed up in a Different Way’: Urban Ireland and the Possible Spaces of John Carney’s Once” in The Sound of Musicals, ed. Steven Cohan (British Film Institute: London, 2010), 176-187.

“‘Sometimes the Imagination is a Safer Place’: Fantastic Spaces and The Fifth Province,” in Genre and Cinema: Ireland and Transnationalism, ed. Brian McIlroy (Routledge: London and New York, 2007), 123-135.

Why join the Integral Honors Program?
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If you are intellectually curious, want to explore new ideas, and love stimulating discussions with people who, like you, enjoy the life of the mind, then the Integral Honors Program is for you!

Integral Honors is the highest undergraduate degree the College awards, giving you a competitive advantage when applying for graduate or professional schools, fellowships and scholarships, or jobs after graduation.

Autumn on campus

Integral Honors is distinctive.

It is interdisciplinary, with courses covering at minimum the core humanities disciplines of English, history, philosophy, and religious studies. Honors courses are taught by professors throughout the college and Honors students come from every major. Even the Senior Honors Thesis is interdisciplinary!

Honors students have several privileges: early registration, course overloads without charge, an increased printing allowance, broader library borrowing privileges, 24-hour access to the Honors Suite, and opportunities for research and travel funding.

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Honors courses are taught by a select team of faculty from a variety of disciplines. Excellent teachers and scholars, they provide Honors students with a rich array of perspectives and experiences. Classes are small, which enables free exchange of ideas among peers and enhances student-professor relationships. Moreover, professors draw upon their own intellectual specializations when teaching the Honors courses, thus providing students with models of enthusiastic, engaged, and ongoing scholarship. 

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Naturally, Honors courses are somewhat more demanding of your intellectual energy, your analytical reading and writing skills, and your time than other courses, but they are meant to challenge you, not to overwhelm you. Thoughtful reflection, openness to new and different viewpoints, and active participation in the discussion of ideas are expected of Honors students. Honors courses are challenging, but the intellectual journey is exciting and the rewards are great.

Physics lab

Yes, absolutely! The Honors Program is designed as an enhancement of, not an impediment to, your college experience. If you plan to study abroad, then the Director will assist you in exploring options for including this experience in your Honors Program schedule.

Outside the Science Center

Yes — though you will need to plan your course of study, especially your senior year, very carefully with both the Honors Director and your faculty advisor in your second year to accommodate all your required education courses and your Senior Honors Thesis. 

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Students apply to join the Integral Honors Program during their senior year of high school, so that they can share in the Honors community and coursework from their very first semester at Le Moyne College. Additionally, Honors courses are planned--from your very first semester--in order to gradually develop your research, writing, and critical thinking skills in anticipation of the Senior Honors Thesis.

First-year students at Le Moyne may be able to apply to join the program during their fall semester, provided there are spaces available.

High school seniors accepted to Le Moyne College can apply to join the Integral Honors Program. Applications are due early February, and accepted students will be notified mid-March.

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You may withdraw from the Honors Program at any time by following appropriate procedures to ensure that you can graduate without having to complete the remaining Honors Program courses.


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Dr. Matthew Fee


(315) 445-6203


Contact the Program:

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