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    Oct 21, 2021 @5:30 pm - 6:30 pm

    Philosophy Conversation: "A New Kind of Ecological Philosophy" with Tom Brockelman, Ph.D.

    Please join us for a conversation about great ideas. The spark for our conversation will be a talk by Tom Brockelman, Ph.D., professor of philosophy, titled "A New Kind of Ecological Philosophy: Stephen Wolfram's answer to Heidegger."

    In the talk, Dr. Brockleman will discuss how philosophies that are friendly to ecological thought have a distinctly anti-modern tilt. He will examine the rightness and the limitation of such a prejudice through two thinkers – Martin Heidegger, an important reactionary German philosopher of the 20th Century and Stephen Wolfram, a contemporary computer scientist, mathematician, and physicist.

    After the talk, we will have an open forum for everybody who has thoughts, reactions or opinions on the themes of Dr. Brockelman's talk (or whatever else comes to mind).

    The event will be held in Grewen Hall 207 broadcast simultaneously on Zoom, so those who are not yet comfortable attending events in-person can still join the conversation. The Zoom link is:
    Location : Zoom
    Category : Lecture/Reading