Video Style

What To Capture:

Think forward. Values in action. Meaningful success. These are ideals that we tell through our video stories. We need to tell our story visually through the experiences of our students out in the community, on service trips, in internships, across the globe or any moment that happens in our student's lives that tell a great story. We encourage you to take advantage of these moments and shoot as much video as possible. Below are some useful tips to assist with your shooting. 

How to Shoot:

As you see in the photos above, if shooting with an iPhone, be sure to shoot horizontally, not vertically. This will maximize the size and clarity of the video. If you are shooting with a video camera, you will automatically be shooting horizontally. If you don't have a video camera, capturing a moment with what you have is always better than not capturing it at all.

Shoot subjects closely as if you are immersed in the moment and a part of what they're doing, not sitting back from a distance. By shooting this way, it helps the viewer feel like they are also a part of the experience  and lends itself to intimate storytelling opportunities.