Technology, the internet and social media have all dramatically changed the nature of how information is disseminated. Even with all these changes, the effective use of the media to tell the Le Moyne story is still an important way to communicate with key audiences, often at a fraction of the cost of other marketing tactics. In a variety of ways, Le Moyne utilizes public relations to promote the College's faculty, programs and students by conveying the role they play in improving the region and the world.

Media Relations
We produce press releases and media advisories to send to members of the electronic and print media to promote College news and upcoming events, and can work with faculty and other members of the College community to draft/edit and place Op-Ed pieces and letters to the editor. All media inquiries should be coordinated through the office. We can also plan, organize and execute news conferences for major announcements and events.

Issues Management

Public relations coordinates communications strategy for campus issues, major announcements, new and developing topics and rapid-response situations. We work with others within the Le Moyne community to identify emerging issues and enact communication strategies in a proactive way.

Emergency Communications
Public relations plays an important role within the College's Emergency Management Preparedness Team, serving as counsel on communication strategies, messages and also speaking officially for the College. The office also takes the lead on disseminating important information to external and internal audiences, including through the web page, email and the Heights Alert system.