The Height of Achievement: Honors at Le Moyne


The Integral Honors Program is where intellect meets engagement.

Through research, innovative programs, and a vibrant space that provides comfort and community, support of the Intergral Honors Program enables remarkable students to blossom. Le Moyne’s Honors Program will transform it into a touchstone experience that attracts exceptional students to the Heights. 

Growth and Potential

Your support will help us offer competitive financial assistance and scholarships to our brightest students. Additionally, you will foster students' intellectual growth as they visit important research sites, travel to conferences, or embark on extended service trips--all experiences that are central to our Jesuit tradition of educating the whole person. 

Uniquely Le Moyne

The Integral Honors Program is purposefully small so that studies can be individually tailored to each student's interests. Honors courses are intellectually demanding, with special attention to honing students' analytical reading and writing skills. Academic excellence is the most critical pillar of the College's strategic plan. Le Moyne's Integral Honors Program is academic excellence in action. 

Our Stories

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consecte adipiscing elit. Intellect Meets Engagement

Le Moyne's Honors Program captures the imaginations of Le Moyne’s most passionate, curious and driven students, and honors courses are among the most visible and dynamic on The Heights. As the College continues to build its academic reputation, it is making strategic investments in programming, particularly in the Honors Program.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consecte adipiscing elit. Ella DiGiovanni '18 Gains a Global Perspective in El Salvador

Because of her passionate dedication to building communities, Ella DiGiovanni '18 was invited to participate in the Snow-Le Moyne Honors Global Internship. This program provides Integral Honors students the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of social justice through working abroad in El Salvador.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consecte adipiscing elit. Where Understanding Forges Solidarity: Tales from Guatemala

During a trip to Guatemala, a group of Integral Honors students began to see the world from a different perspective, particularly that of people facing racism and classism, and to wrestle with questions of modernization, underdevelopment and dependency.