Why Give?

Provide Opportunity

Student need outpaces College resources.

Le Moyne continues to be a place that provides opportunity; it guides promising students whose potential is limited not by their intellectual ability but by their financial resources.

For Le Moyne College to continue to thrive and offer a rigorous, values-based academic program for all of its students, contributions from its alumni and friends is vital.

Over 90 percent of all Le Moyne students receive some form of financial aid. The extent of financial need among Le Moyne students is significant - and consistent with it’s mission to provide access and opportunity for hardworking students, the College spends nearly one-third of its annual budget on student financial aid.

Over 20 percent of Le Moyne students are first-generation students and 34 percent are Pell Grant recipients.

The College understands the challenges its students face and remains committed to the values inspired by its Jesuit intellectual tradition and it’s distinctive liberal arts education: discipline, rigor, hard work and seriousness. 

Transform Lives

At Le Moyne, the college journey isn’t just about making the grade. It’s about making connections, pursuing experiences, and developing a toolbox for critical thinking. Le Moyne’s students benefit from a rigorous common core that nurtures inquiry and awareness of transformative ideas. Infused with the principles of the Jesuit tradition, the core prepares students by educating the whole person. 

It begins in the classroom. That is where Le Moyne students start to question, encounter, discover and form bonds with faculty members and classmates to last a lifetime. The College has a student-to-faculty ratio of 13:1. That makes a difference. Le Moyne Professors can speak not just to their students’ performance in the classroom, but also to their dreams for the future. 

When students put what they have learned in the classroom to work- as they conduct research, study abroad or complete an internship, something deep inside them “clicks.” These experiences out of the classroom aid students in strengthening their skills, gaining confidence in their abilities, and building their professional networks. They are critical to what we do here at Le Moyne.

Donor support keeps class sizes small and provides research and service-learning experiences that shape students into tomorrow’s world leaders.

Supporting higher education is more important than ever. The liberal arts play a critical role in preparing tomorrow’s world leaders and in encouraging them to pursue their passions to be of service to others. Le Moyne prepares students to process complex information and communicate effectively as they navigate their way through the world. These skills provide a competitive edge in the workforce. In fact, the pay gap between college graduates and those who have not graduated from college reached a record high in 2013, according to an analysis of U.S. Department of Labor statistics by the Economic Policy Institute in Washington, D.C. It found that Americans with a four-year college degree made 98 percent more an hour on average than those without a degree.

Photo Michael Sicilian

Michael Sicilian

/ 1983

"I doubt there is anything else I’ll ever do that will have that kind of lasting impact."

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Photo Mike Madden

Mike Madden

/ 1971

The Madden School of Business at Le Moyne was made possible by a $7 million gift from Mike Madden.

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Photo Kelsey Woodrick

Kelsey Woodrick

/ 2013

“Le Moyne has made a difference in my life and professional aspirations.”

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Grow the Heights

Generous donor support has allowed Le Moyne to make significant upgrades to the campus. In return, students are enjoying new opportunities to grow, learn and explore, and faculty members are utilizing teaching spaces commensurate with the quality of instruction they provide.

Facility and technology upgrades keep Le Moyne competitive. They are innovated with effective instruction, collaborative activities and hands-on learning in mind. Every stride we take to maintain our state-of-the-art facilities contributes to the vitality of the Heights and the Syracuse community.

We need continued support and partnerships to assist us with our ongoing strategy to build tomorrow’s Le Moyne.

Soaring to Greater Heights: Celebrating Campus Improvements

- In 2018, the College completed a $6.3 million upgrade to the Noreen Reale Falcone Library. The heart of the library is a bright, airy learning commons featuring academic research service; flexible, module learning environments; and wireless connectivity and outlet access. Work to the building also included the creation of study rooms, an academic technology lab, student collaboration spaces, a faculty reading room, Bernat Special Events Room, and Muserlain Instructional Laboratory.

- Located in a refurbished Mitchell Hall, the Madden School of Business, which opened in Fall 2013, features a modern trading floor, a financial education center, a forensic accounting laboratory, and an applied research laboratory.

- In January 2012, the College opened a new 48,000-square-foot science building, which features state-of-the-art facilities for instruction and research as well as sleek new labs and equipment.

- In the past seven years the College opened the refurbished LaCasse Dining Center, a plaza where students can shop the bookstore and buy a slice, and the Dolphin Den featuring a coffee shop and a large, informal seating area and meeting spot.