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From the President

A Fire That Illuminates, But Casts No Shadows
Le Moyne College, our beloved Jesuit gem, is now 75 years old. Seventy-five. Let that sink in for a moment. For 75 years, we have welcomed new students and bid farewell, but never goodbye, to graduates.

Highlights from the Current Issue

Four Generations of ’Phins
“No matter what is thrown at them, no matter what challenges they may face, I know that Le Moyne’s strength will carry its alumni, students and staff through it all.”

Prepping Puppy Pioneers
Beth Mercer has dedicated her career to the care and well-being of others and to preparing PA students for lives of service. She emulates that in her own life – giving back whenever and wherever she can.

Freedom Reads
Tyler Sperrazza ’13 marvels at the way reading unites people across political, religious and cultural divides and invites them to bring something of themselves to the story before them.

ERIE21: Unlocking the Future
Founded in the summer of 2018, ERIE21 aims to address our region’s twin challenges of concentrated urban poverty and the inability of employers to attract and retain the skilled workers needed to fill current job openings.

Go Forth and Lead
There are few things that Jonathan Damiani, Ph.D., loves more than engaging with young people on the topic of leadership.






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