Le Moyne Community

A Season for Recovery and Preparation

Dressed in colorful hats, scarves, mittens and, yes, facemasks, the students wove their way around the brightly lit ice-skating rink. Some raced and made figure eights; others wobbled and looked around sheepishly for something, or someone, to support them. Either way, the sound of their skates cutting through the ice was punctuated by the cacophony of their laughter. The COVID-19 pandemic radically changed what socializing looks like on college campuses. And in searching for ways for their students to gather safely, expend energy and have fun, Le Moyne’s leaders decided to embrace the College’s wintery weather by building the rink. In a year characterized by tragedy and loss, the skaters were a visible reminder that, as American novelist Paul Theroux put it: “Winter is the season of recovery and preparation.”

The New Conference Room