Certificate in Human Resource Management

The field of human resources (HR) has experienced a renaissance in the past 20 years. Models of hiring, tracking, and compensating employees have been supplanted by a new focus on talent management, professional development, and total rewards. To that end, what used to be considered a supporting function has evolved to become an essential and strategic one. Attracting and retaining talented professionals is now understood to be a key indicator of an organization's success, whether it is a small nonprofit or a large, global corporation.

The Certificate in Human Resource Management at Le Moyne College is designed to enhance the skills and knowledge of both individuals working within the field and those aspiring to do so. It prepares students to become both qualitative and quantitative thinkers who understand that the single most important investment a company makes is in its people, and who are able to maximize the performance and effectiveness of the individuals within their organization.

The field of human resources is growing rapidly. Small businesses require HR generalists who handle everything from recruitment to release. In larger organizations, the opportunities in the field diversify as specialists work in areas such as compensation and benefits, recruitment, human resource information systems, training and development, and employee engagement and retention. The Certificate in Human Resource Management at Le Moyne College provides students with the tools necessary to meet these opportunities, and to craft meaningful, rewarding professional lives.