Current Programming


LIFE Network
A group chat for Daily Inspiration from Elder Melvin Baker!
You can also submit a prayer request for the LIFE Network community to pray for you.
If interested in joining, please send a text to Elder Melvin Baker requesting that he add you to the LIFE Network group chat.
Phins Unplugged
Want to make deep connections with your fellow phins? Join us for a time to unplug from our devices and connect with our peers while sorting through our life experiences as a community!
Meetings: Sundays at 11am in the Drescher Community Room
Contact: Victoria Breslin '21
Sunday Mass
The liturgy of the Eucharist in the Catholic tradition. Opportunities are available to students and staff to serve as Lectors, Eucharistic Ministers, and Sacristans.
*Masks must be worn inside the chapel at all times
Masses: Sundays at 7pm in the Panasci Family Chapel
The Sacrament of Reconciliation is offered weekly in the Shanahan Chapel.  
Times: Sundays at 6:15pm, Mondays at 4:30pm, Wednesdays at 11:30am, and Thursdays during Adoration at 9pm

Also available by appointment: 315-445-4110 or

Monday Night LIFE
Join Elder Baker and LIFE@LMC for weekly Monday Night LIFE!
Meetings: Mondays at 9pm in the Panasci Family Chapel
Contact: Elder Melvin Baker
Koinonia Companions
Join us for a (virtual) space to connect with fellow men of faith and talk about issues on our hearts!
Meetings: Wednesdays at 9pm on Zoom
Contact: Jacob Donofry '22
Soul Sisters
Join us for a (virtual) space to connect with fellow women of faith and talk about issues on our hearts!
Meetings: Wednesdays at 9pm on Zoom
Contact: Victoria Breslin '21
Thursday Night LIFE Fellowship
Join Elder Baker, Le Moyne students, and SU students for weekly Thursday Night LIFE!
Meetings: Thursdays at 7pm on Zoom
Contact: Elder Melvin Baker
Zoom Meeting ID: 933 6862 9498
Password: 652632
Brothers And Sisters In Christ, BASIC, cultivates an environment that fosters spiritual growth via fellowship. This fellowship consists of student meetings, discussing issues pertaining to life and faith, and providing a safe space for all types of students to grow in their faith and friendship. In addition to the discussion, we have a time of worship in the form of music, and we aim to cultivate a community within the group to encourage one another and grow in life together. We equip students with biblical solutions to everyday problems to make a great impact at Le Moyne College and in the world. We connect students with a local church in the community. We, too, serve the community, nation, and world through volunteer and missionary opportunities. 
Join your fellow Brothers and Sisters in Christ each Thursday night in person!
Meetings: Thursdays at 8pm in the Panasci Family Chapel
Contact: Brooke Marvin '21
Zoom Link (when necessary)
Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament
A time of quiet prayer or meditation in the presence of the Lord as the Blessed Sacrament. Listen to God in the silence of the Shanahan Chapel. Join us for just a few minutes or the full hour.
Meetings: Thursdays at 9pm in the Panasci Family Chapel
Contact: Fr. Bill Dolan