Dolphins Connect with Homelessness Outreach

The purpose of Dolphins Connect With Homelessness Outreach is for students to explore and learn about how to make a direct impact on the issue of homelessness in the Syracuse community by connecting with and serving the homeless community on a personal level. Through these experiences, students will have a greater appreciation for the challenges that exist within our own community and promote efforts towards a more just society.

Dolphins Connect With Homelessness Outreach will, in the Catholic and Jesuit Tradition, seeks to help its members with the search for meaning and value in their intellectual lives while preparing them to be leaders in areas of service and social justice in their personal and professional lives.


Ignatian Ignite

Ignatian Ignite is a student driven organization that focuses on creating programs that embrace our Jesuit identity and celebrates our Jesuit heritage. This group works toward ensuring that service, reflection, and active faith formation, are provided for students. Activities include sandwich making and shawl making, among other seasonal activities. During the pandemic, they also meet with community members and write cards for nursing home residents.


Joyful Noise Music Ministry

Do you play an instrument? Do you sing? Would you like to share your gift with others? Join Joyful Noise! Any members of the Le Moyne community (current students, alumni, faculty, staff, administration, community members, friends, etc) who enjoy making music are welcome to join us each Sunday, or at any of our several annual events!


Phins Unplugged

Have you ever felt as though you want to make deeper connections with people? Phins Unplugged is the program for you! The group is designed to give students dedicated time and space to “unplug” from social media and create opportunities for personal interactions with other fellow Dolphins.The group is intended to foster a conducive environment and safe place for college students to express themselves, while they sort through and discern the personal thoughts, feelings and situations that they encounter. More importantly, it helps participants know that they are not alone on their college journey! Since dolphins never swim alone but always in pods, students will meet together then split off into pods.These pods will provide participants time to tune in to themselves and engage with others as they listen to and share in each other’s life experiences.