About Student Government

Student Government Association serves to facilitate the successful relationship between the student body, College administration and the surrounding community. The SGA Constitution highlights matters of governance, student recognition, student activity funding and other matters of importance to the student community.

The Student Government Association (SGA) is the formally recognized “voice of the students.” Under the leadership of an executive board (president, vice president, secretary and comptroller), elected at large by the student body, the SGA assures formal student input into the College’s policy-making process. Committees responsible to the SGA include the Le Moyne Student Programming Board (LSPB), Organizational Finance and Review Committee (OFRC), Student Affairs Committee, Academic Affairs Committee, Commuter Affairs Committee and the Multicultural Affairs Committee.

The SGA assumes responsibility and power for student-life policy legislation. It is responsible for initiating or being consulted on general student-life legislation, judicial procedures, residence hall policy and the selection of candidates for many administrative offices. The SGA is also responsible for naming members of the student body to serve on any College committee where student representation has been specified.

SGA Constitution

Related Organizations
Commuter Student Organization

Just because you don’t live at Le Moyne doesn’t mean it isn’t home for you! Commuters are a critical part of our ’Phamily. The Commuter Student Organization provides members of this community with a forum in which they can share their ideas and opinions about life at Le Moyne while also forging connections and building friendships that are the foundation of a great college experience.


Le Moyne Student Programming Board (LSPB)

The Le Moyne Student Programming Board is a standing committee of the Student Senate and is responsible for providing a variety of social and cultural activities for Le Moyne students.

Organizational Finance and Review Committee

This organization is a standing committee of the Student Senate. Membership consists of the Student Senate vice-president as chair serving as a non-voting member, the Student Senate comptroller and two representatives from each class. All class members are eligible for membership. The committee’s purpose is to consider the registration of new clubs and organizations and to allocate annual budgets to ensure that clubs are able to operate and meet stated objectives.

Residence Hall Association (RHA)

Currently inactive