Evacuations, Lock-Downs, and Shelter in Place

The Le Moyne College Department of Campus Security is responsible for all campus safety and security activities, including controlling the flow of traffic.  The Director of Campus Security works with other members of the campus Emergency Management Response Team (EMRT) to determine if an evacuation, lock-down or shelter in place is necessary.

Evacuations, lock-downs or shelter in place orders may include the entire campus, or may be limited tospecific areas or buildings  on  campus, depending upon the nature of the emergency.  In the event of a campus-wide evacuation, the College will be supported by external partners to ensure safe egress.

The Department of Campus Security will establish and ensure staffing of traffic control points that are considered necessary.  They will also maintain access control and security for the affected areas.

In the event of a campus wide evacuation, lock-down or shelter in place the EMRT, in cooperation with the President of the College, will determine when the emergency is over, and when the campus will re-open.  This information will be disseminated using all appropriate and available methods of communication.