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    Photo Christine Grayton

    September 14, 2016

    Art at the Fringe

    Traveling is good for the soul. No matter the destination, it opens up a world of perspectives into varying cultures, food, religions, people and, most important to my trip, the arts that arise from these cultures. Embarking on the journey to Edinburgh and London for the Globalization of the Arts course within the master’s degree program in arts administration at Le Moyne, I knew what to expect from previous travels to the United Kingdom (UK). People are extremely pleasant, in good spirits, and easygoing.

    What I had not experienced before, though, in the UK or anywhere else, was the nature of a fringe festival. Having few expectations for what the festival would entail, I was completely blown away. The fringe festival in Edinburgh provided opportunities to experience more culture, art, stories and people than I ever expected. I encountered people from every corner of the world coming together to enjoy the arts with an open mind. I couldn’t help but appreciate how brave these presenters are for bringing their relatively niche performance across the world hoping to acquire an audience.

    My time in the UK this summer taught me more about audiences – and how to reach them – than any trip I could have taken on my own would have. Without this experience, I may not have spent so much time focusing my attention to the arts and audiences and I would have missed very interesting observations about marketing patterns and strategies. And as I am building my career in arts marketing, these perspectives are incredibly important to me.

    Christine Grayton earned a bachelor’s degree in communication and a master’s degree in art administration from Le Moyne. She is currently the digital marketing coordinator and social media manager at the Boch Center in Boston, Mass.

    Grayton's time in the UK was funded in part by The O’Leary International Travel Grants Program, which provides financial awards of up to $2,000 to help offset travel costs for students in Le Moyne’s College of Arts and Sciences participating in study abroad programs. This grant program is administered by the Office of the Dean of Arts and Sciences and funded by a gift from the estate of Dr. Harriet L. O’Leary, professor emerita of Foreign Languages and Literatures.

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