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    Daniel DiBiase

    July 23, 2019

    Humans of Le Moyne: Daniel DiBiase

    Daniel DiBiase graduated in May 2019 as an accounting major. Seems like simple addition: four years of college + a major +a student = completion. This is not the case with Daniel. Accounting is only the beginning of a much more involved equation for this Integral Honors student whose life was transformed when he studied abroad in Taipei, Taiwan for a semester his junior year of college. After four years, the resulting formula for Daniel, with its many factors, equals a position as a Staff Accountant with Ernst and Young (EY) starting this September.⁣

    Looking at the influences on his vocational journey, we can find internships at AYCO, A Goldman Sachs Company, Brown and Brown, EFPR Group and more. Mr. DiBiase also could be found engaged in clubs, honor societies, and the Manresa Program. All these connections helped Daniel forge the guides toward his future plans and aspirations. On looking at the opportunities he sought, Daniel says, “The experiences I have had that let me know that I was on the right track. I had positive work experiences at many different firms and I appreciated all of the networking events I have been a part of.”⁣

    As he reflects, “The relationships and friendships that I have made, I hope to nourish and carry with me my entire life.” We appreciate this reminder about the balance of personal and professional life and what is important in maintaining a healthy perspective.

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