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    Eli Geoghan

    September 18, 2019

    Humans of Le Moyne: Eli Geoghan

    Elias (Eli) Geoghan graduated in May of 2019 with a major in Philosophy and minors in Political Science & Gender and Women's Studies. Working as a special education teacher with 7th graders in the New York City school district, Eli is putting into practice all he pulled together while on the Heights. Actively engaged with programming, classes, and clubs, Eli tapped into all Le Moyne offered, and gave back ten-fold. As Eli shares, “I’m so incredibly proud to be a Le Moyne College graduate. I see my Jesuit education come out in all aspects of my new ‘adult’ life. Whether In the classroom with my students participating in a deep shared inquiry session or in my grad classes thinking about pedagogy, my Le Moyne education set me up to be confident and critical in these places. Just last night in one of my grad classes my professor asked me where I went to undergrad and after I told her she said, ‘I had a strong feeling it was Jesuit.’ I was blown away by her comment and really enjoyed comparing our Jesuit education after class.” ⁣

    Looking at career goals, being an educator was not originally part of Eli’s plan, but being open to opportunities and changes in trajectory can be beneficial. As Eli notes, “Initially, I was slightly hesitant to accept my offer with the NYC teaching fellows for my post-graduation plans, but I took a leap of faith and I am happy to report that it was the right choice for me. Even though this job requires A LOT of work and commitment, I feel joy everyday I walk into my school, and for me, that’s a sign I’m in the right place.”

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