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    Eddie Cedeno

    September 13, 2019

    Growing as a Professional in Digital Technology

    Eddie Cedeno graduated in 2019, majoring in Information Systems. He has secured a full-time position at United Technologies in Farmington, CT in their Digital Technology Leadership program. "I am extremely excited about this because I believe this will be the best opportunity that will help me grow as a professional in the digital technology field." He secured this role by showing UTC his work ethic, along with the skills that he learned at Le Moyne, during a summer internship. When the company was looking for candidates in their digital technology leadership program, he emerged as a leading candidate.

    Thinking back to his time in the Madden School of Business at Le Moyne, he credits the opportunities to network for his academic and subsequent professional success.  "The Madden School of Business gave me the opportunity to network with a lot of professionals in the Business/Technology industries which allowed me to get several opportunities. This is by far what I appreciated and am most grateful for."

    When asked to share his advice with current students, he again emphasized the importance of networking: "My main piece of advice is to network as much as possible during your time at Le Moyne. There is a reason why Le Moyne has career fairs, an office for professional development and more. One more piece of advice is to make sure that you work very hard."

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