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    Ethan Sellevold

    October 24, 2019

    Humans of Le Moyne: Ethan Sellevold

    Ethan Sellevold graduates in May of 2020 with a major in Information Systems, this is after having been on the Heights for only three years. We immediately can see what makes Ethan stand out. As he says, “In my short three years here at Le Moyne I've been capable of entirely redefining who I am, and discovering avenues that I never once thought possible.” He has what is now defined as an entrepreneurial spirit, but what has always been known as a sense of adventure, a knowing confidence, and the willingness to work toward self-set goals. It is this drive which helped him build a data center from the ground up as well as design and implement a drone project. As he notes, he would ultimately like to own his own business.
    Ethan has focused his energy here at Le Moyne to engineer several projects. As he shares, “Through my connections made here at Le Moyne I've been able to get involved in several startups, as well as push the boundaries on autonomous aerial systems and sensor networks with the help of the McDevitt Center and General Electric.” While this sounds simple, it is important to note that the work with General Electric, supported through a McDevitt student grant, is stunningly sophisticated, especially for someone just entering their 20s.

    As Ethan further reflects on his tenure here at Le Moyne, he says, “Being a 'Phin has provided me with so much more for my future than I could have ever imagined. Beyond the classrooms that consistently pushed my boundaries on what I know and my skill sets, there are the people that have been here to support me and always lend a helping hand. The community of Le Moyne is unlike any other and is what I believe to be one of the greatest foundations for success.” For all the complex work Ethan does, his advice to fellow Phins is simple, “Whether you're graduating with me, before me, or after I leave; always remember to enjoy your time here at Le Moyne. And remember to always do what makes you happy.”

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