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    Isaac Davis

    October 30, 2019

    Never settle for meeting expectations

    Isaac Davis graduated in 2019, majoring in Business Analytics & Information Systems. He's currently a Business Transformation Consultant for IBM in Washington, DC working with the Army's GFEBS SAP ERP project in the Cloud Application Innovation Growth Platform within the Enterprise Applications Service Line. He credits the relationships he formed with his professors with starting him on his career path: "Forming relationships with professors allowed me to connect with their connections. Having conversations about career aspirations allows you to be ahead of the game. With this, I was able to connect with a Le Moyne graduate (Lisa Melara), who helped me along the way to accepting the position at IBM."

    When asked to share his advice with current students, he wanted to stress three points: "Never settle for meeting expectations...exceed them.  Secondly, make GENUINE relationships; you do not need to have a massive circle to reach your goals. Lastly, my life motto is 'To succeed you must have a consistent work ethic and the desire to continuously learn and improve.' In today's ever-changing job market, you must stay relevant in terms of skills. Never stop learning."

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