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    Demitrius McNeil

    November 18, 2019

    Paying It Forward

    Demitrius McNeil graduated in 2018, majoring in Business Analytics and Marketing.  He is currently with CenterState CEO in Syracuse as the Director of Business and Economic Development, as well as a founding partner of Our Glass Consulting, LLC.

    He appreciates the networking opportunities while at Le Moyne: "As a Madden School of Business scholar, I most appreciated the networking opportunities presented via campus events. Furthermore, I am grateful for the accumulated knowledge I received from all of my professors that allowed me to transform theory into practice. "

    When asked to share his advice with current students, he stressed the importance of many of the ideals behind Jesuit education. "When you graduate from the Madden School of Business, it’s more than just a degree. You take an oath to do good work in the world, no matter what professional career you seek. It is very important that you never lose site of that. Don’t allow the weight of the world and all of its temptations and pressures to distract you from finding and pursuing your purpose. Lastly, it is imperative that you challenge yourselves daily to be open-minded, practice non-judgement, always choose to love, always practice good business habits and GIVE BACK. You all have bright futures! Just remember that you must pay it forward. "

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