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    February 05, 2020

    Being a Dolphin

    In the wild, dolphins tend to go off by themselves sometimes but always find their way back to family. Le Moyne Dolphins stick together to succeed and that is exactly what it is like here on campus. Whether you are a prospective student, incoming freshman, last-semester senior or somewhere in between, it is not hard to feel and see the community around you. Le Moyne accepts everyone with open arms and immediately you are welcomed. Sometimes it may take you some time to find your place in the pod, but once you do, you are able to see just why here on the Heights we call it being part of a family. 


    Being a Dolphin means that you are able to see welcoming faces everywhere you go and that whenever you need help, (or just want a friend to hang out with) there is always someone there. Being a Dolphin means you take enormous pride and devotion to the sports contests and get just as excited when we win, and as sad as when we come up just a little short. We come together when we are all stressed about finals and exams, just as we do during our celebration of spring and the end of the semester at Dolphy Day. Dolphins don't swim alone and here on the Heights, we are never alone. We are there to pick each other up and celebrate success. 



    As a ‘Phin you are able to see familiar faces everywhere you go on campus, even when you go downtown for Insomnia Cookies or some pasta from Pastabilities. Seeing familiar faces everywhere you go is one of the best things about being a Dolphin. You have the chance to meet people of different backgrounds, different majors, and from different parts of the world and eventually call them a friend. You get to know everyone on a more personal level whether that is your fellow classmate, a faculty member, or one of the workers in the Den or Caf who you will get to know on a first-name basis. 



    This place is able to offer you so much more than a four-year education. You are able to make connections, make friends, get a job, and it helps set you up for your future when you eventually graduate and leave our little Phintown. This campus is its own community and way of life. Being a Dolphin is the greatest part of all of it simply in the way it makes you feel day in and day out. Being a Dolphin lets you be who you are without judgement and be welcomed only with fully open arms and faces. Being a Dolphin is something you will be proud to say and carry with you forever. 



    This place becomes your home, your safe haven, the place you don't want to leave, the place where you made your most cherished memories, the place you met your best friends, and the place you will never forget. Being a Dolphin means so many different things to every single person here on campus. There is always a welcoming face behind every corner, in every classroom, in every dorm, and in every building. While you will be told over and over again about how this place will become your family, the only way to fully understand the extent and reach of this is to experience it for yourself here on the Heights.



    Paige Martin, '21
    Marketing major, Digital Intern

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